Story & Art = Great stART – Hurray for Fish

Hurray for Fish!





Red ted

I am starting this post with the final product! Red Ted and I are so pleased with it, that I thought it would look nice right at the beginning!!! 

In case you haven’t visited before this is about a craft project inspired by books – Story + Art = Great stART (inspired by Playing By the Book and  A Mommy’s Adventure ). We love these projects, as we love books and we love art.  This helps us focus our creative activities a little and when stuck for something to do, grab a book for inspiration!!

I actually did this one all backward. I was trying to come up with a craft project that you could do with babies (I have a couple of loyal readers itching to get stuck in, but their little ones are indeed still too little). The obvious thing to do with babies is anything to do with footprints. Handprints too, but they are harder, as babies tend to clench their fist! So, what can one do with feet?

Eventually I remembered Hurray for Fish, by Lucy Cousins. Red Ted has loved this book for a LONG time. I think we first read it with him when he was 9 months old. I nice story about a little fish and all his friends. We love it. As the little fish, has lots of fishy friends that come in all shapes and sizes, I decided this book would be perfect…

Unfortunately, Pip Squeak wasn’t well, so I didn’t want to subject her to paint and the outdoors. So, Red Ted and I ventured out alone. Do, do this with your baby, it will provide a colourful collage for your nursery and a nice memento of their wee little feet! I am actually glad I only did it with one of them – it was rather messy – and we would have needed two adults to contain the mess. But DO DO IT! RED TED LOVED IT!!!!!!!


Red Ted's Feet

Mummy's Turn

Erm, Red Ted’s Foot!

Outlining Fish

Final Details

Bedtime Story



1) Read the book.

2) Get some paints. Some paper and some brushes.

3) Colour your feet and hands with paint and make prints!

4) Wash (yourself)

5) Take a felt tip pen or marker pen and draw fish ontop of  the shapes – your imagination is your limit! (I was looking for a black pen, but only found the red and blue, but they actually work v well!)

6) Cut them out

7) Let the children decorate some more (Red Ted added somes scribbles and dots)

8) Stick on some contrasting paper (I stuck 5 sheets together) & hang

9) Read the story again at bedtime!

Red Ted was SO CHUFFED when he went to bed and saw his fish. He looked so proud and happy. Am so pleased we did this one today!!!

Other stART projects:

Bedtime Star – Red Ted, makes a starry night for Pip Squeak’s nursery

The Way Back Home, Oliver Jeffers – Red Ted makes a plane and a UFO

8 responses to this post.

  1. Maggy, I LOVE this so much! will be trying it with my boys soon . . . Sharks would be great for them! xx


  2. Oh! This is perfect. I tried foot painting with her when she was about 3/4 weeks old. Chaos! Lol. I’ll put this one in ‘the folder’ though, for a few months from now! Thank you 🙂


  3. Love this idea, think I may use for Fathers Day card! Thanks for sharing and the inspiration.


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  6. Posted by nimblebee2 on August 18, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    What a great idea. Will be going straight to Amazon to buy the book and then give the painting a go. Cheers for sharing! 🙂


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