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To purchase any of the paintings below please drop me an email  or click on the PayPal link to make a deposit(price of 12″x12″). Choose an existing design or new colour combinations! To see ALL my paintings, do visit my Flickr Site, which is a littl easier to navigate!  (page under construction)
Max & Whale Max & Ted 
The Gallery At Home
Child Line Polo - Horse

ChildLine Polo – Horse

As the NCPSS is still my “charity of choice”, I am supporting a number of their events this year. One of these is the “Child Line Polo” event in Ham, Surrey. Having grown up within spitting distance of the Polo fields, I decided that it was a no brainer to support this with another painting.

This time, I decided to design something from scratch – a horse – assuming that the attendees will all be horsey fiends…

***This raised a wonderful £210 at the ChildLine Polo at Sundown 2010 – Thank you lovely Highest Bidder!***


 Seahorse, swimming in the sea...

Louisa’s Seahorse

This little seahorse is for a little girl that LOVES to swim. Splish splash splosh. She is so happy in the water. And she is a dainty little thing, that we thought a seahorse would be just perfect for her! As all my paintings this one shines and shimmers as you walk past it, keeping a watchful eye on the littles whilst they play.


Another Happy Baby  Jumbo - Night Time plane - taking you to dream land...

Airplane & another happy little customer!



P-p-p-p-p-pick up a Penguin           Little Penguin..  

Pip Squeak’s Penguins 

“P-p-p-p-p-pick up a Penguin or three.. here is a colourful little Penguin Trio all set to waddle into our Brand New Nursery. Hope Baby 2 will love them as much as Red Ted has loved his Teds..” I can now safely say that Pip Squeak ADORES her Penguins! She smiles and giggles at them regularly  and we ALWAYS say good night to them! Night Night Penguins. Night Night Pip Squeak. 

 “Twinkle, twinkle little star…” 
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…  
 Well these little stars really do twinkle. Well almost, they shine and shimmer like all my paintings. These little stars, if you haven’t guessed already, are for a little baby girl. She isn’t here yet, but we are all very excited to meet her. Her mummy asked for the stars, as she has two boys and a thousand toys already. And she knows she will be given so many new clothes. So this is something different for the new baby girl! Hurry up and be born baby girl we are waiting for you!

This also shows you how you can choose ANYTHING you want as a motif.


Pretty in Pink - Cupakes!    Cupcakes Pink Rose

Yummy, scrummy cupcakes These yummy scrummy cupcakes, were inspired by some  very crummy and very yummy cupcakes that a friend made for her little girl’s 1st Birthday. I just had to paint them!

They would be at home in any little (or big) girl’s room, or even in someone’s kitchen! Why should this “only” be for kids 😉

The yummy mummy spa Cupcake currently has a set in their Wandsworth creche!


 Giraffe & Lion Pair!   “Rooaaaaaaar! Said the lion.”

Giraffe & Lion

 The lion looks lovely on his own or as a pair with this gorgeous giraffe!


Hurray - The New Teds are here 

Four Teds!

One of my most popular designs as these are appreciated by both boys and girls. Red Ted has a set in his room and (of course) loves them! I do believe that ‘eddy ‘eddy was one his “first words”. They look smart and chic!

The White Hat Ball for Childline had a set 3 in their silent auction!



Running Hippo 

Run Hippo Run
 Another one of the great favourites – certainly by “hits”, this is one my most viewed items! Isn’t it cute! Emily was given this for her 1st Birthday! Lovely!


Taxi    Routemaster

Carl’s Cab

Another painting that will also have appeal to “older” people… Carl’s Cab! Though Carl was only 2 when he got this! His parents were leaving London for Berlin and thought it would make a nice keepsake! I totally agree! There is also a lovely bus to go with it. Check it out on my  Flickr site!


Pop Art Ducks by Red Ted Art.     Duck blue


These ducks come in all sorts of colours! Some are pink. Some a red. Some are blue… check our flickr for more! Of these ducks live in Austria, some in France, some in a “random” SW-London home… and there are always more looking for a new home!!! Let me know if you are interested!!! All sorts of colour combinations available!


Triceratops by Red Ted Art.



 Monkey  Monkey Testing

Monkey being product tested

Red Ted Pop Art   Pop Art Louisa is here!

Pop Art Kids!!

Finally a Keepsake for the Parents. Have your child’s portrait painted Pop Art style. I can do this based on your favourite photos!

Current prices:

Square 12″x12″ (excl Pop Art Kids) – £75 + p&p

Medium (approx A4)- £85 + p&p

Large (approx A2) – £110 + p&p

Pop Art Kids (12″x12″) – £100 + p&p

(Save yourself p&p and come and collect your painting in Wimbledon – alternatively, if you are in the Wimbledon area, I can arrange for the painting to be dropped off for free)


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  3. These look fab….and Paypal you have been busy.. well done E x


  4. I absolutely LOVE the animal prints! If you have spare ones lying around you could bring them to K’s party ?? For decorations, I mean! They are beautiful!


    • Posted by Red Ted Art on August 21, 2010 at 6:08 pm

      These are paintings… Though am investigating getting prints done! Would be nice to be able to offer them cheaper 😉 xx


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