Story+ Art = Great stART- Oliver Jeffers – The Way Back Home

Finally, our first stART project inspired by Playing By the Book and  A Mommy’s Adventures – who have made some great booky projects! Do take a look, they are fab. We decided to “honour” Oliver Jeffers with our first arty porject and we picked The Way Back Home. It is a lovely quirky book featuring the impossible made possible! Planes in cupboards, martians and climbing to the moon. Lovely drawings. Lovely book.

The Way Back Home

Red Ted likes to leaf through his books by himself, but we also read them together. Sometimes I just “tell him” the story as we go along (as I speak German to him), so we talk about the pictures more that way.

He we are reading.

Story Time

Some craft materials: Loo Roll, Cardboard (recycled box), scissors, Masking Tape, paint & prushes, Newspaper.


I made the models, as Red Ted is still a little small, but let him paint. For the plane I used some loo roll, cardboard and some newspaper at the front scrunched up. I secured it with masking tape, as you can paint over it. The wings are just slotted into holes I cut. I got the idea from a friend’s father who made a fabulous plane out of a kitchen towel roll for his son! For the UFO (as we call it in German), I used an empty baby food pot (erm, I don’t buy baby food, this was left over from a visitor) and two circles of cardboard. I slot the pot through a hole in one  circle and stick the other circle underneath. I did pad it out with some scrunched up newspaper, to give it some body. I covered it in masking tape, as Red Ted is sure to cover it in paint. You can remove it afterwards!

Red Ted gets stuck: Red Ted gets to paint! We almost had a tantrum as Red Ted couldn’t wait to start on the UFO, but I hadn’t made it yet. Maybe Green is his favourite colour!!! I think just as much paint went all over the newspaper and Red Ted’s hands as it did on the plane and UFO. But surely, that is half the fun?!?

Paint Plane Red

Painting UFO Green

We also like washing up!

Washing Up



5 responses to this post.

  1. Oh my! This has put a *huge* smile on my face! What a brilliant project 🙂


  2. Posted by Red Ted Art on March 31, 2010 at 11:33 am

    Oh thank you!! You are my “hero” 😉 Ever since I saw your penguin project…. can’t wait for Red Ted t o get bigger and do more himself!!! x


  3. That is a cute project! I can’t wait for K to be able to do this stuff!


  4. […] stART: The Way Back Home, Oliver Jeffers – Red Ted makes a plane and a UFO    […]


  5. […] stART: The Way Back Home, Oliver Jeffers – Red Ted makes a plane and a UFO     […]


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