Another happy baby

Another happy baby

They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words… here we have Alex with his brand new Jumbo! Another happy baby. (I had to almost restrain Red Ted from clambering all over it!)

Alex A, Baby, London (owner of Jumbo)


New Baby

New Baby

‘I’ve given Red Ted cards for children’s birthdays and baby arrivals, and everyone raves about how kiddie-chic they are!  Adorable kids’ designs set in vibrant colours and artsy minimalist lay-out!  Thank you Red Ted Art for creating cards that are hip yet cute as a button!’

Andrea W, Solicitor & Mother, London (card buyer)

“We liked the  three teddy pictures so much that we put them onto our living room wall, as a statement that we now had a baby amongst us. So whenever we we carried Andreas around the room, we always stopped by the teddies and he would always smile at them! He definitely liked the red teddy most, although each one received a separate smile every time! I was actually surprised how a newborn would appreciate a colourful painting so much. He is getting his own room soon, so the three teddies will move in with him and keep him company!” 

Andrea K, Engineer & Mother of Andreas, Vienna (owner of 3 Teddies)


Handmade cards, available in a range of colours

Handmade cards, available in a range of colours

I love Maggy’s cards! They are so unique and cute. Love the colours and shiny paints she uses. I love the fact that the cards are blank so you actually have a chance to write a personal message to a card recipient. It is also great to be able to support  a talented artist and fabulous business woman who Maggy is.

Maggy’s cards are so original and unique! She is a true artist.


Vika G, Caterer & Mother, (great greeting card customer)



Three Teddies. Personalised Paintings for Babies & Children. Nursery Decor. “I am delighted with my RedTed bear pictures as are my 7 year old, 2 year old and nine month old (proof that these pictures have longevity!!). I wanted something that was not too cutsey (no pale blue or pale pink please!!) or a passing fad (Thomas the Tank, Ben 10, Bob the Builder – the list is endless) and felt these fitted the bill perfectly as they can grow with my children and our house moves. They are original, funky and affordable plus an original piece of art which hopefully may be worth something one day ………. you never know!!”

Bert B, Mother of 3, London (owner of 3 Teddies)


“We bought a teddy triptych for a friends’ new born baby as we thought that it would make a great alternative to the usual stuffed animal or baby grow. Their daughter loves the bright colours and simple design. The lucky couple say that they now have the trendiest nursery in London! Thank you so much!”

Louise W, Management Consultant, London (giver of 3 teddies)


“Absolutely love the Croc we got for our new baby, Olivia’s, room.  It really brightens the place up and is so much more fun and original than the borders and friezes available in the shops for decorating childrens rooms and particularly good as you can choose the colours to suit your scheme.  Just thinking which animal we can get next…”

Sam L, Property & Mother, London (owner of a croc)

David's Room

David's Room

“The shiny green croc in David’s room brightens up the wall and complements the colourful curtains and cuddly animals on the mantelpiece perfectly. Maggy suggested the colours and they work really well, particularly when the sun shines on croc’s metallic green and purple body!”






Karolina S, Mother, London (owner of a croc)


Promise, more Testimonials are on their way – the happy customers have voiced their pleasure and agreement to writing these, but needless to say I cannot pressure them into actually getting round to drafting them and emailing them to me… so please do keep coming back to hear from my happy customers.


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