Woodley Art

Well… it is not only “I” that paints in the Woodley household, but so does The Englishman! Well, I like to think of his work as  a joint effort, needless to say he doesn’t believe the same… tsk.. tsk.. Anyway, here is a few of his things, that grace the walls of our home. If you are interested and would like something similar – in any colours – do let us know and we can give you a quote!






Oz Inspired

Oz Inspired



Lines was created for our living room – we ended up with a theme of red and pinks and beiges and needed something for it all to come together! The Lines did this brilliantly…

Cubes was created a few years back – before “Me”, which guess it means, I cannot take any credit. Ba humbug! But aren’t the simplicity of the colours simply fabulous! Looks great in any bachelor pad – or as in our case, our dining/ playroom!

Oz inspired was created after our holiday to Australia – this was back in, erm, 2007 – painted for our bedroom. Colours where selected to reflect cream and chocolatey colours in our room, ensuring we didn’t become too “girlie”…


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