Books & iPhone Review – The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business

Kid’s  Book and Kid’s iPhone App reviews continue. For my “reasons” behind “Why Apps?!” look here. Type “Kids” or “children” or “educational” into the Apple iStore and you get bombarded with Apps. Which to get?! Look no further… As well as our usual Monday Morning Book Club review!

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Book Review – The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business


The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business, Werner Holzwarth.

Ok, this one is for the Dad’s. Toilet humour through and through! But I mention it, as it is not often that a GERMAN author is translated into English AND does REALLY well. Did you know this is originally in German? There you go! I love buying books from different countries it really makes “our library” more interesting. Here we have a story of a little mole that wakes up one day, only to find that, erm, someone has done their business on his head. Off he goes to find out who it was… and seeks out revenge (maybe not such a good lesson). Surprisingly cute (?!). Maybe a good one to get when you start potty training – though nothing to do with potties, toddlers often get obsessed with Nr 2s at that stage at may really enjoy it. Go on… you know you want to! Available in German & English (and possibly other languages?).

(PS I bet you are gald I didn’t use this in a “Story + Art” project, eh?!)

iPhone App Review – First Words Sampler & My First Words “Animals” – LITE versions (both free)

First Words: Animals  and    I bringing you both of these, as they are pretty much the same. So, as these are Lite versions and therefore free, you may aswell download both and then decide which you like better!

In essence, this is a spelling game. But there is a lot “of help” so that even youngsters that don’t know their alphabet (i.e. Red Ted who is 2.5yrs) can have a go. Red Ted loves it and although I don’t want to force the alphabet on him, surely it is ok if he learns a litte bit about the alphabet whilst having fun? He learns about words and letters.

You have a picture and the letters to make up a word. Like with puzzles you have to put the letters in the right place to spell the words. The voice tells you the letters and when you have completed the letter puzzle, the letters (in one App) are spelt out again and the whole word (in both Apps) is read out! Then there is lots of clapping & cheering (in one App) or noises made by the word (e.g. Miaow in the other App). Both sweet. Both lovely. Both liked by Red Ted. My First Words also has “levels” – where there is less “help” with the letters. My First Words is also available in French!

There are the free Lite versions available – which contain about 4-6 words. This is more than plenty for a 2.5rs old!

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9 responses to this post.

  1. GREATsuggestions of apps for kids — will definitely have to check them out for my kids! BTW if you get a chance, take a look at some of the apps by Once Upon an App Our educational, interactive apps embrace the classic children’s stories of yesteryear. In fact, we have some very exciting apps coming out soon. Thanks.


  2. We love The Story of The Little Mole… book. It is well worn in our house. I tried to explain it to one of the mums on the school playground a few weeks ago, and she thought I’d made it up! The spelling app looks a good edutainment addition to our other app’s.


  3. Posted by Petra on August 20, 2010 at 1:34 am

    We got the german version of the “The little mole” (my children love it) and have given away the english version to a few boys who really appreciated the toilet humour 🙂 There really should be more translation into english from german children books – there are some great german children authors around.


  4. We have a German version of this book (which also has a much more explicit name) and even daughter doesn’t really speak German, she really enjoys this book. Thanks for the recommendations on the first words, I am currently looking for a good simple spelling app, so I’ll check them out.


  5. Okay, I just put that book on our Amazon wishlist–I think my boys would love it.


  6. Thanks for linking up at Feed Me Books Friday! Little mole looks funny – perhaps a good reader to keep in the bathroom!


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