This is me. This is Red Ted

Red Ted Giggling

This blog started off as an update on Red Ted Art Artwork and Greeting Cards, it is now about SO MUCH more. I really want to get people interested in Art and involved.

  • We have Artwork & Paintings for you to get a taster of my artwork for children,  as well as Pop Art Kids for adults!
  • We have Get Crafty – a monthly carft carnival – lots of craft ideas from simple one for kids to more complicated things for “serious crafters”.
  • We have Greeting Cards for you to purchase as a small work of art (all handpainted!)
  • We have Books – we love to read. We love to share. Come here to visit the Red Ted Art Amazon store. The small commission I get goes towards prizes and giveaways!
And then… throughout the week you can see, our stART porjects (Story + Art  inspired by Playing By the Book and  A Mommy’s Adventure), our “How to”s, our book reviews  and anything else that takes my fancy (usually photographs or chit chat!).
About Red Ted Art:
Red Ted Art aims to bring art to children’s hearts. I seek to fill the gap between mass-produced prints and the often unaffordable art market – creating collectables that are reasonably priced. 
Red Ted Art creates unique and very special hand made “pop art” paintings – in bright, vibrant colours that shine and shimmer. These will not only liven up any children’s bedroom, but also stimulate young babies’ eyesight and older children’s imagination. 
A little about me – So who am I and what is the brand? I am Maggy Woodley. I am half Austrian, half Spanish, living in the Uk – married to an Englishman. I like to think of myself as an “European”. I have one son – Max. Max is a very lucky boy, as he has a brand named after him. I am very lucky mum, as I have Max (needles to say I am bias). I like making my friends’ birthday cards. In spring I grow tomatoes and other veg (with varying degrees of success). In autumn I make green tomatoe chutney. And I like baking Austrian cookies at Christmas. We have two cuddly little cats (come to think of it, they look a bit like little teddy bears..) and twochickens. So we have fresh eggs every day. Max plays with the cats’ toys and the cats play with Max’s toys. I guess that is just how things are.
Contact me on info@redtedart.com


The Englishman: My very supportive husband
Red Ted: My oldest son, inspired the brand
Pip Squeak: Our latest addition to the family…
Me: Maggy Woodley


Pip Squeak & Mum


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi!
    How are you!
    You made a comment a while ago on my site and I am so sorry I haven’t had time to keep in touch with you! But here I am! 😉
    I would love to be on your carnival! It is a fantastic idea! I love your site, so it is a honour for me!
    Thank you for asking !!!

    Here is the post where you wrote the comment on:


    • Posted by Red Ted Art on May 24, 2010 at 4:02 pm

      Hi Ann!

      Thank you for coming back to me! Would love to include the tulips! Yay. Just in time, as “submissions” end this week!!!

      Will post Monday!

      Do keep popping in and submitting to Get Crafty – it is only once a month! So should be easy peasy!!!
      Maggy x

      PS tried to email you, but my email seemed to be rejected 😦


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