April – Craft Carnival – Nominations Theme

Hurray! The Craft Carnival is here. You have seen the Business Carnivals, the Blog Carnivals and the Photo submissions. Now it is time to get crafty!! I decided to run this as a “nominations” carnival – to spice it up a little and the response has indeed kept me busy. I didn’t really set up any rules, so this time we do have a few etsy gorgeous stuff thrown in! Next carnivals, I would love to see crafty blog posts – so not just “items” for sale! ūüėČ

Next CRAFT BLOG CARNIVAL theme : submit things that you have made that are RED – please send a LINK for ONE ITEM! Closing Date: Friday 30th April 2010.

Here we go:

I will begin with my personal nomination for Zoe at Playing by the book. Zoe is a great crafter that loves to encourage others to get stuck in. I “met” her via this post on making Penguin stacks to go with the book¬†365 Penguins. I love it! It is a super easy project that anyone can make.. if you don’t have googely eyes, just paint them on! As Zoe was also mentioned by TheMadHouse, here is another fabulous book/ art project of hers – the Barbapapa family – this is definitely more ambitious, but great for those of you that would like something a little more challenging (it isn’t hard, just takes longer etc)! You children will love making these!

TheMadHouse also nominated Cathy at the NurtureStore – lots of green projects on the go… here is a little one that will get them excited – cress egg heads. See the cress grow quickly and reap the rewards!

These are yummy (and easy) chocolate spoons by Diary of a First Child! I want a dinner party or tea party, JUST so I can make these!!

Kelly nominated The Mad House for her Children’s¬†Craft Showcase section. She posted a special Easter edition, making the most adorable Easter Chicks cards – and SOOOO easy too. I know Easter has just past, but I really thought these were worth a mention and call them “bird cards” and you can give them whenever!!! More craftiness on the blog, as well as links to lots of other fab crafters! Thanks for the nomination Kelly!

Still on the theme of Easter, here are some gorgeous chicks to make by Anjie at PomPomEmporium (but you can give them as little gifts throughout the year).

Anjie also nominated Melissa’s ingenious and recycled (!) t-shirt necklaces – how cool are they? How clever are they?!

The Oz Material Girls send a  tutorial of how to stitch a beautiful quilt. They also nominated SewButterfly, who gives us a quick gift idea in the form of cute simple purses.

Emma from Say It With Chocolate nominated Balloon Baboon – isn’t it a great idea to send some “balloon art flowers” instead of a real bunch. And the prices are so competitive!!! Cheaper than sending “real” once and sure to put a smile on someones face.

Plan B nominated these adorable Sock Pets by Mum’s Survival Guide.

We are now entering the world of Etsy shops. Do take a peak at some wonderful designs:

Looking for something vintage, then Judy recommends to vsit Bungelow James collection. Judy just purchased a brooch and wears it everywhere! Yay!

Some carnival nominators had so many people that inspired them, that they nominated 3! Wooho! So, Jane at Fired4u¬†tells us all about¬†Fifth Street Mama – beautiful items for babies and children- isn’t this Babushka just adorable?¬†Pip Squeak will have¬†to have one one day…¬†then comes 30Kellys¬†pottery – I can just taste a lovely cuppa out of one of those mugs. Finally, Jane nominated Jenifer’s Family Jewels – unique, fun and FABULOUS handmade jewelry and accessories. I just love this butterfly ring – isn’t marvellous?

Jenifer kindly posted her nominations Рagain there are 3: want some quirky jewelry, then visit Laughing Vixen! Want some original OOAK (One of a Kind) Purskey Line, Dean Design is your place. Finally, Jenifer nominates ValLouCreates here are some of her tshirts!

Fifth Street Mama “returned the favour” and nominated Fired4U – a place that inspires others to get crafty!! She also nominates Jody Etsy – some more funky jewelry!

Jodi nominated some different jewellry artists: Artibility , as she is “a Survivor and inspires me so much!”, as well as JLynnStudio, because she “is¬†ALWAYS kind and thoughtful” and¬†ClassicKeepsake, as she “always lends a shoulder to lean on, thank you”.


10 responses to this post.

  1. Oh goodness me – to be suggested twice… my cheeks are red, but my eyes are smiling!

    I’ve been writing a post (to go live next week) about various carnivals book and craft related around the web and I’ll include this one. There are a few things I’ve learned as I’ve drawn up the list – (1) It’s great if you have a little logo for your carnival – people like being able to put the logo/button on their blog, and it all helps to raise awareness of the carnival, so perhaps you could come up with a little image to go with this carnvial? (2) It’s really helpful for people who are new to the carnival if you have a sticky post with the “rules” of the carnival – otherwise people have to guess when / where/ what by looking through back posts from the carnival and that can be time consuming. You could then put a link to the carnival info page / FAQ in you sidebare or in a tab – it will just make it easy for people to participate. (3) Do you know about Blog Carnival http://blogcarnival.com/bc/index.php – it can make it easier for you to compile the carnival as a lot of the formatting is done for you automatically.

    Hope these tips help – I think this carnival is lovely and certainly intend to participate next time round!


    • Posted by Red Ted Art on April 6, 2010 at 7:49 am

      Oooooh, thank you so much for these tips!! I am a carnival host newbie and this will INDEED help me lots! Will get onto a logo and post it asap. As part of this need to still work out how to actually post buttons myself – everytime I try it doesn’t seem to work! Mmmh. Thank you Zoe!


    • Those are fantastic tips! Wow.


  2. Thanks so much for the mention! Quite exciting indeed!


  3. For the ‘Red’ theme my daughter has been making lovely ‘swing folk’ and one of her characters is like a squishy, red tomato. All that’s needed is a pen, card, scissors and pins. Check out her creations on this post – http://www.chezlee.co.nz/2010/04/swinging-clip-folk-and-clocks/


    • Posted by Red Ted Art on April 10, 2010 at 8:58 pm

      Love it. Love it. So simple and so cute!! Thank you Sarah! ūüôā First “red” submission of the month!


  4. Does photoshop stuff count? I made this Valentine Heart a few weeks ago… http://www.flickr.com/photos/55922608@N00/4323209330/

    Pen x


    • Posted by Red Ted Art on April 15, 2010 at 6:47 am

      Wow, that is certainly more than “just a photo”, let’s include it! ūüėČ thank you!


  5. Hello Hello!

    Here is the link to my fimo hungry caterpillar & his big red head as requested ūüėÄ


    And now I’m off to have a nose at all that lovely stuff up there!


  6. Why am i just coming across this now- wow i can’t believe Jodi nominated me here
    ughhhhhhhhhh so sweet
    Thank you


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