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Review – Where the Wild Things Are & Peekaboo Farm

Kid’s  Book and Kid’s iPhone App reviews continue. For my “reasons” behind “Why Apps?!” look here. Type “Kids” or “children” or “educational” into the Apple iStore and you get bombarded with Apps. Which to get?! Look no further… As well as our usual Monday Morning Book Club review!

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Book Review – Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things are

Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak. Read together age: 2.5yrs – 5yrs, Read alone age, 6yrs – 9yrs

For me “Where the wild things are” is such a classic children’s book. Max is a naughty boy and gets sent to his room without supper, there he embarks on a magical story to where the wild things are.. My favourite line is “Let the wild rompus start!”. Eventually though he misses his family and heads home… I am a huge Maurice Sendak fan and have many of his other books, so it is only natural that this book should be on my list!

Kid’s iphone App Review – Peekaboo Farm

Peekaboo Farm. No Kid’s iphone App review is complete without the inclusion of Peekaboo farm. Everyone I know seems to have it! It is lovingly designed, so the images are hugely appealing to both children and, erm, me. What it does: you hear an animal sound and get a chance to guess what animal it is. When you tap on the barn door it opens to reveal an animal behind. A child’s voice (American) then tells you the name of the animal. We like how all the animals go to sleep at the end of the “cycle”. Red Ted loved it, though is getting slightly bored of it now (he is 2.5yrs), but Pip Squeak (9mths) is fascinated by it. So it really is a fabulous App for the tiniest amongst us – Red Ted does still play with it, just not as often. It also has a Spanish language option…


Giveaway – Award Winning Duck Duck Moose iphone Apps for Kids

To celebrate the newest change to my blog schedule – the review of iPhone and iPad Apps for Kids – I have got together with one my favourite App providers Duck Duck Moose. Duck Duck Moose are the people behind “The Wheels on the Bus” (reviewed here). The Wheels on the Bus was the first App I ever purchased and I have never looked back since and am an App junkie.

As a cautious user of TV and “computer games”, I do believe both have their place – in society, in learning and in having fun. And I adore the Duck Duck Moose range – they are indeed fun and there is always a little bit of learning!

This competition is now closed & the winners have been contacted!

award Three Parents’ Choice Gold Awards for Duck Duck Moose!

Baa Baa Blacksheep & The Wheels on The Bus


There are currently five  Apps:

  1. The Wheels on the Bus
  2. Old MacDonald
  3. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  4. Baa Baa Blacksheep
  5. Fish School

I (!) do not think that there are many decent music children’s Apps out there, so these really are fabulous! Especially as they have been recorded wonderfully.

– As a bilingual family I am very chuffed to see that German words are available too for Wheels on the Bus & Old MacDonald. Not many Apps cater for us German speakers! But you will also find, French, Spanish, Italian, oh and Gibberish!

Itsy Bitsy Spider and Baa Baa Blacksheep elaborate on the traditional children’s song, making sure that there is so much happening for the little ones to get excited about. The designs are fabulous and cheeky and very attractive for the little ones amongst us!

– I love all the colours, shapes, letters and playing that Fish School has on offer. Red Ted particularly likes “popping” the fish eggs to make the baby fish appear!

All great apps. All great fun!

The Giveaway:

Duck Duck Moose is GIVING AWAY 2 Apps to THREE winners. That is right, THREE of you will be lucky enough to get 2 of these wonderful Apps for free. So your chances of winning are much higher!

Old MacDonald


Itsy Bitsy Spider


Competition open Worldwide. Competition closes Friday 20th August 2010.

Please note: US winners will receive an Apple iStore code that they can then purchase the App with for free. Rest of the World Winners will have to purchase the App and will then be reimbursed through PayPal. They will therefore need a PayPal account.

Here is what you need to do, you get:

1) 2 entries for Red Ted Art blog subscription & leaving a comment about the Giveaway on this post, if you subscribe already,  make sure you leave a comment!

2) 2 entries for joining Duck Duck Moose on Facebook – please leave a comment on Facebook, so they know you have done this!

1) 1 entry for Re-tweeting of giveaway (one tweet entry per person), make sure you include @redtedart and @duckmoose

Good Luck!!!!

Fish School

Book & iPhone App Review – The Tickle Book & Faces iMake

Kid’s  Book and Kid’s iPhone App reviews continue. For my “reasons” behind “Why Apps?!” look here. Type “Kids” or “children” or “educational” into the Apple iStore and you get bombarded with Apps. Which to get?! Look no further… As well as our usual Monday Morning Book Club review!

Book Review – The Tickle Book

The Tickle Book: With pop-up surprises The Tickle Book, by Ian Whybrow and Axel Scheffler.  

Reading age: 5yrs – 8yrs. Read together age: 18mths – 4yrs.

Another favourite of Red Ted’s. He adores the tickle book – especially on the first page where he loves to “knock on the door” to find the tickle monster… I think that the anticipation of the tickle is the fun thing. He even learnt to pull some of the pully things from around 18mths onwards (if you helped him). Note: do NOT let your little ones play with this one on their own, it will get destroyed, as The Englishman found out one morning. “Me” was not happy… a new went on order. Tut tut. We do let Red Ted “play” with his books, but I do take care with the ones that have high damage risk – simple flaps he’s ok with, but the tickle book was just too exciting and interesting… how does it all work?! It was just asking to be pulled apart.

The drawings are classic “Scheffler” drawings, so if you like his illustrations, get this book!

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Kids iPhone App Review – Faces iMake

Faces iMake icon Faces iMake   App Review Faces iMake

 Age: 3.5yrs – 99 yrs.

Ok, so this is one, that is really for me. When I first downloaded it I got soooo excited.

But let’s start at the beginning. This App is an Arty App. I am always on the look out for crafty and arty ones (as well as decent music Apps, please do let me know if you have any top tips). Faces iMake is one of those lovely Apps that is ABSOLUTELY free. Yes Free (or at least it was when I downloaded it last week). And free things are not always bad. Download it. Give it a go and if you don’t like it delete it.

Self Portrait

So, why do I love it so much. Firstly, it comes with the most fabulously little catchy tune (ok, some of you may find it irritating, but in Kiddie Land, I like it!). It is a happy, light hearted App. You are encouraged to draw faces using all sorts of manners of things. Like a 3D collage on the iphone. Doodling with objects. You have a choice of veg, kitchen equipment, toys, tools etc etc and you, well make a face! This App is even better emulated at home, with real things, as children let their imagination run wild and get to feel lots of tactile objects.

What I also like about the App, is that it has some “tutorials” – to me – they are lovingly produced – I love the guy talking, he has a passion for art and a passion for creating fun faces with things. He encourages you to have a go and think about what things represent. If you were doing daddy, who likes cooking, which items would you use etc?

A lovely App. Probably for the slighly older children (and yourself), though Red Ted (2.5yrs) does play with it. He just doesn’t quite get it yet.

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