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Books & iPhone Review – The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business

Kid’s  Book and Kid’s iPhone App reviews continue. For my “reasons” behind “Why Apps?!” look here. Type “Kids” or “children” or “educational” into the Apple iStore and you get bombarded with Apps. Which to get?! Look no further… As well as our usual Monday Morning Book Club review!

All previously reviewed books can be found on my Amazon store:

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Book Review – The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business


The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business, Werner Holzwarth.

Ok, this one is for the Dad’s. Toilet humour through and through! But I mention it, as it is not often that a GERMAN author is translated into English AND does REALLY well. Did you know this is originally in German? There you go! I love buying books from different countries it really makes “our library” more interesting. Here we have a story of a little mole that wakes up one day, only to find that, erm, someone has done their business on his head. Off he goes to find out who it was… and seeks out revenge (maybe not such a good lesson). Surprisingly cute (?!). Maybe a good one to get when you start potty training – though nothing to do with potties, toddlers often get obsessed with Nr 2s at that stage at may really enjoy it. Go on… you know you want to! Available in German & English (and possibly other languages?).

(PS I bet you are gald I didn’t use this in a “Story + Art” project, eh?!)

iPhone App Review – First Words Sampler & My First Words “Animals” – LITE versions (both free)

First Words: Animals  and    I bringing you both of these, as they are pretty much the same. So, as these are Lite versions and therefore free, you may aswell download both and then decide which you like better!

In essence, this is a spelling game. But there is a lot “of help” so that even youngsters that don’t know their alphabet (i.e. Red Ted who is 2.5yrs) can have a go. Red Ted loves it and although I don’t want to force the alphabet on him, surely it is ok if he learns a litte bit about the alphabet whilst having fun? He learns about words and letters.

You have a picture and the letters to make up a word. Like with puzzles you have to put the letters in the right place to spell the words. The voice tells you the letters and when you have completed the letter puzzle, the letters (in one App) are spelt out again and the whole word (in both Apps) is read out! Then there is lots of clapping & cheering (in one App) or noises made by the word (e.g. Miaow in the other App). Both sweet. Both lovely. Both liked by Red Ted. My First Words also has “levels” – where there is less “help” with the letters. My First Words is also available in French!

There are the free Lite versions available – which contain about 4-6 words. This is more than plenty for a 2.5rs old!

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The Gallery & Kindness Club

2 for 1 Saturdays continue. I can see this mushrooming, as also have a few tags and memes to do. Oh no! In the meantime:

The Gallery – A  Novel Idea (or B is for Broken Mirror)

This week’s Gallery prompt is a photo representing a book or novel. I chose our 1.1m x 1m bathroom mirror that randomly fell off the wall and smashed into a 1000 pieces (the photo only shows a small corner). Thankfully no one was in the room. It could have been rather horrible. Doesn’t bear thinking about. Which bring me to the book: The Broken Mirror by Kirk Douglas (yes, that is right, the actor).

The Broken Mirror is a children’s holocaust story. I am going to be lazy and link to an excellent review here:

Book Page Review of The Broken Mirror

But two key messages relating to the post:

1) The theme of mirror is about “Satan’s mirror, which distorts all things so that good is evil and evil is good. When this mirror is shattered, its pieces are scattered across the earth, piercing hearts and spreading hate where there should be love. Contemplating the story, he wonders if any of those splinters are close to him.” and

2) “The Broken Mirror” is more than another Holocaust story. It is a testament to the power of the words written on our hearts when we are very young. Stories, songs and conversations can stay with us forever and words can be used for evil as easily as they can for love. Adults have a responsibility to give children words they can live by. As Katherine Paterson says, they give us life, growth and refreshment.”

Food for thought. I hope.

A more frivolous broken mirror link would be to all those fairy tales that feature broken mirrors. We all know “Mirror  Mirror on the Wall”….

As to last week’s Zoom:

This   is this  against a grey sky! Yes! A washing line (or rotary). Well done to everyone that guessed!

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The Kindness Club

Hop over to Susie’s Kindness Club to find out more. Take a peak and see if you don’t want to take part?  This week’s prompt has been “hold open the door for someone”. 

I will make it brief. I like photos, so I will try and do Susie’s prompts in photo style. I decided to focus on teaching values to my children. Here we have Red Ted and I engaging in some (PC) roll play. The girl decides to help the boy get out of the house with the pram. Lots of faffing, in comes girl, boy and baby emerge. Lovely.  Smiles and claps all round.

Teaching our children about kindness is just as important as the kind act itself.

The Gallery – Still Life – the mundane no longer mundane

Da & Shirt

This week’s prompt for Tara Cain’s Gallery is “Still Life” – inspired by a fabulous photo of cooked bacon (my, how my mouth waters).

My response to the challenge is our washing. Afterall, doing the washing and the washing itself is rather mundane, don’t you think? Not anymore: Here we have Red Ted’s “Da” (photo taken today) as well as Red Ted’s baby socks (photos is 2 years old)!


Baby Socks

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Get Crafty – May 2010 – All things Red

Welcome to the monthly Get Crafty carnival – designed to inspire and provide ideas for all age groups. This month’s theme was “all things red”. And my! How many lovely RED things there are out there!

I have decided to categorise this time, so you can quickly find what inspires you most!

With Spring in the air, June’s Get Crafty theme is “Nature” – this basically can be anything: drawings of animals, insects, flowers etc or something made “from nature” – leaves, sticks, stones….. your imagination is the limit!

Get Crafty with Children

Dragon Egg Box

I am sure we all remember Egg Box crafts from when we were young. Red Ted’s nursery claims they are not allowed to use these due to Health & Safety (boo hiss), so here is something to inspire you at home from Activity Village!

Red ted

Giant Strawberry

Here we have a GIANT Strawberry that Aly made for her children. This was a true labour of love, as it the Giant Strawberry Seeds took 4 nights to sew on, but lovely Aly, gives us some handy hints as to how to speed up the process and make it safer for <3yrs olds! What a fab tea set addition!


Swing Clip Folk

Charlotte at Chez Lee has been making some fabulous “Swinging Clip Folk” – I remember doing these as a little girl and loving it! Take a closer look… they incredibly good (but “easy enough” for your little one to have a go at!)


Red ted

Marbled Paper

Look at this BEAUTIFUL marbled paper – doesn’t it look effective? It is SO simple to do and doesn’t cost a lot. Use it as wrapping, as part of cards, or just hang it on the wall and enjoy – Frugal Family Fun shows us how (and check out the rest of her site – some awesome awesome fun things to do!).


Post Box

As you know we LOVE reading in our house. So when Mrs Frugal at Frugal Family made this to encourage Master Frugal to read more, I thought it was simply ingenious! A must have in Red Get Crafty!!! So simple. So effective!


Red ted


A LOVELY take on “story + art” – I know there is only a little red, but pink is close? And this submission is from someone claiming (!) not to be arty at all (I protest!) – Claire (who doesn’t blog) described the event: “We visited the butterfly houses at Golders Hill Park and London.  I cut out a buttefly shape on some card – drawing on the back of the card and then folding it in half before cutting to get it symmetrical .  Emily [2yrs!!] then painted the butterfly in lots of colours – and while it was still wet we folded it in half to get the pattern the same on both sets of wings (in theory you should probably just paint half of it – then fold – but Emily likes painting so the bigger the space to paint the better!)

Hand- & Footprint Fish

Here is one of ours – part of the “Story + Art project Hurray for Fish” – we made lots of fish from our hand and foot prints… here is a red one.

Red ted

Red ted

Giant Tissue Paper Flower

Look at this gorgeous HUGE spring flower! Mommy Moment shows us how to bring spring into your house!!!

Red Ted

Red ted

Touchy Feely Alphabet Wallchart

What a lovely way to learn the alphabet – over at the Nurturestore, they are making their own touchy feely wallchart. Imagine spending a good 10-30min making a letter, it would definitely make you remember it better! Go take a peak. Be inspired! I think Red Ted and I will be make some of these very soon – he loves my wool, he’ll love it even more if he is allowed to use some!

Paper Plate & Egg Carton Bugs

A Hungry Caterpillar inspired activity session, resulted in not one, not two, but SIX buggy creations! Go over to Molly’s place and check out what they did and what you need to make your own! I am VERY impressed...

red ted

Baby Feet Bunting

Decided to decorate Pip Squeak’s room and make a lovely little “keep sake” with this paper bunting made with her scrummy tiny feet! All you need to do:make some foot prints, cut them out in a bunting shapped triangle (or cut them out & stick them on a triangle, may be easier especially if there’s some smudging, it just means more cutting). Staple to some ribbon. And hey presto, you are done 🙂 I drew an edge, just so it contrasts a little better against the wall. But if you cute your feet out, you could use coloured paper for the triangles. That would look gorgeous! Top tip: helps if there is another adult around. One of you holds baby, one does painting of feet and pressing down. Have a bowl of warm water handy and an old teatowel to dry tiny feet and get rememnants of paint off!).

Red ted

Get Crafty for children (or with older children!)

Hungry Caterpillar Cake Decor

Ok, so only the head is Red. But I saw this and said to Kooky Boutique “it must go in”. How gorgeous is this FIMO hungry caterpillar? She made it as a cake decor! Fabulous!



Baby’s hat

Another one of mine. I knitted this hat for a friend’s baby – it is a Debbie Bliss pattern – I love Debbie Bliss – the patterns are not too “naff” and her wool is machine washable (I buy it on ebay!). Out of the wool stated you can almost make two hats, so get double the amount and make 3!! Have made about 7 of these!!! Pip Squeak has one in teal and white.

Red ted

Red Birthday Party

How lucky for Get Crafty that over at Sew Chic and Unique a little birthday girl was celebrating here birthday with her favourite colour RED! Yay! So we have this gorgeous little toddler bag – VERY chic. Love the strawberry H. As well as a red & rainbow pencil roll… and of course RED RED RED cupcakes. Perfect!

Soldier Pegs

Ok, so there are “few” of my submissions, but can I help enjoying making things. Especially if it involved my children?! Here we have some more pegs. A while back Red Ted Got Stuck In and made some pegs with me. He painted, I decorated. I have been wanting to make some feathery birds since then. Red Ted has been wanting to paint more pegs. So we made some birds (photo to be posted in previous post ASAP) as well as these cute little soldiers. We use all our pegs on our “Art Washing Line”. A great way to dry art, but also display it! I highly recommend having one!

Red Ted

Get Crafty for adults (or older children)


Aren’t these paper lanterns simply devine?! How beautiful. How gorgeous!  The beautiful Childhood Magic blog shows us how!!! These are definitely part of any childhood magic… make some for your children (but, erm, please be careful with live flames! We once had a Xmas tree housefire… sigh).

Red Ted

Get Crafty – oooh

Heart Photo

Here is an “Ooh” for you. How pretty. Pen made this for valentines! She tells us how on flickr.

Red Ted

ed ted

Monsieur Alphonse Poissonnier

I knowI said “no shops”, but every so often something just TOO CUTE sneaks in. This time it was this naughty Kitti by The Other Mousie! Also, we shall soon be seeing a “How to” from this Kitti’s creator, so he simply had to stop by and say hello!

red ted

Yummy Scrummy Cupcakes

Newbie blogger Tania (go on, pay her a visit and say “hello” and make her feel welcomed!), made these super delicious Cupcakes. They look devine! Shame she lives Down Under and I live in Blighty. None for me! Do like this “entry” though, as who said you can’t be Arty in the Kitchen…

I am linking this to the Special Rainbow Red edition of Jenny Matlock

The Gallery – The World We Live In

I am linking this up with      Purple challenge!

This week’s The Gallery challenge by Tara Cain, was “The World We Live In” – what are those gorgeous places around the world, that lift our spirits and fill our dreams? Where do we have our happiest memories or would like to go again.

All sorts of wonderful places sprang to mine – both The Englishman and I are keen travels, add to that, that we have a lot family and friends abroad and the opportunities are plentiful.

The places that I love the most however, are the unexpected ones. The ones you stumble across and take your breath away. Last spring we went to a Christening in Bedfordshire. We were a little early, so went on a detour. And stumbled across the most beautiful Bluebell Wood. We had forgotten our camera. Luckily The Englishman’s phone took “Ok” photos. Here are 3 (from about 50!!!). Aren’t they gorgeous?!

Sea of Bluebells


The 3 of us (Pip Squeak is on her way)

Red ted

The Path





I am also linking this with
I am also linking this with Jenny Matlock V is for Violet Woods (or as my 2.5yrs old would say “Indigo” his new favourite word!).
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Outside my front door 

 – Me 

Colour (Red Ted’s Bunny)

How to.. make a Paper Flower (from newspapers!)


Hurray! Guest Post day is here!! Today’s “How to” is brought to you by the lovely Nicole over at “Made by Nicole” – as you know – I love paper craft and I love using recycled materials. Finally, a use for all those “junk mail” newspapers and magazines that come through the door… So…ed Ted

How to make Paper Flowers:

These also look great on wrapped presents in lieu of a bow. When we were kids we’d make dozens from newspaper and attach them to our barrettes, headbands, make costumes with them – they’re so fun.

This is so easy it feels almost silly to make a tutorial on it but just in case you aren’t familiar with the technique, here goes:

1. Get ten pieces of thin (not card stock) two sided paper – anything from newspaper to fancy patterned paper works. I used book pages

2. Stack them up and cut out a circle.

3. Cut spokes into the paper. I made this pic big so you can see what I mean.

4. When you’re done it should look like this

5. Separate you circles. This step is vital as it won’t fluff if they’re stuck together

6. Re-stack pile

7. Staple through the center of the stack

When you’re done it should look like this:

8. Don’t panic. I want you take your nice little stack and crumple it in your fist. Trust me, it’ll be okay.

9. Now do it again a few times

10. Voila! You did it! Told you it was easy!

11. But we’re not done yet. Find the back of the staple. You might lose some petals doing this – no biggie.

12. Press the back of the staple side down against your table to make a flat bottom

Some Options

Sprayed With Glimmer Mist:

Sprayed from mister with water and dye re-inker and added a button:

All Done:

Tip: These are VERY dimensional. If you want something flatter use less paper.


Here is my first ever attempt using 10 random pages from a freebie magazine – I was lazy and didn’t use a button, just a scrap of paper for the centre. I think the button is MUCH prettier. I just wanted to have a “quick” go and am pretty impressed with the result. Put a little more effort in and they are even prettie!!

My 1st Ever Flower from a Magazine - 5min to make!