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A Photo – Indigo Slide

I love the colours in this photo. Not the “sharpest shot”, but not bad for a photo taken on my phone? Red Ted on his first “Bouncy Slide”.  And surely that slide is classed as “Indigo”? What a difficult colour to find….

For Jenny Matlock Summer Rainbow – Indigo.

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The Gallery – Holiday & Pop Art Kids – Louisa

The Gallery

The Gallery’s theme this week is “Holidays”.

Palm tress, blue skies, deckchair, suntan lotion and good read. Sounds like the makings of a great holiday… in our backyard.

With The Englishman’s MBA’s fees and exam schedules, a stay at home mum and two kids, we shall be having a lovely holiday in at home this year. Trips to the Science Museum, Picnics in the Park and lots of mummy & daddy time for the kids are planned. Lovely Summer.

Devon 2009

And here a favourite picture from our holidays last summer in Devon!

I am also linking up the Devon photo to    “your country” theme…

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Pop Art Kids – Louisa

A while back a ran a giveaway of a Pop Art Kids portrait to those people joining me on Facebook! The lucky winner was Maren and her little Girl Louisa!  Here is the final product!! The actually painting looks even better live, I know that I would say that, but it is true.

Will ship internationally. Contact me on info (at) redtedart (dot) com.

The Gallery – Friendship & 10 Happy Arty Things

The Gallery


What a lovely topic for this week’s Gallery – Friendship! Lots of photos instantly popped into my head! But then I remembered that not everyone “likes” to be on the internet! So all those lovely photos of laughing and being together “are no good”.

Then I remembered this ring! A fabulous example of friendship! I took the photo today in the glorious sunshine.

We bought it when we were around 15/ 16 years old. Being at an international school, people always came and went. One of us had moved back to Austria and the other three had come to visit. On the spur of the moment, we bought 4 simple thin silver rings, one each. Our friendship rings! (Girls, was it at the jewellers in Purkersdorf?! Or was it in Vienna? I think it was Purkersdorf)

Out of the 4 friends, one of them is God Mother to Red Ted. One of them will be God Mother to Pip Squeak. The third, I sadly don’t speak to any more. I think we will be friends again one day, but it will take time. We shall see. I am so pleased to still have the other two in my life!

I know that Pip Squeak’s God Mother will see this straight away – she subscribes to the blog and I know that Red Ted’s God Mother will see sometime this week, as she regularly dips in and out. I suspect that Nr 3 MAY see it, as she does like to know what everyone is upto…

What I also want to say about this ring, is that about 8 years ago, we were burgled and pretty much all my jewellery was stolen – precious items with huge sentimental value. No idea why this ring remained. It was meant to be I guess!

I would also like to link this up with Jenny Matlock  X for Xenophile – “love foreigners” – to all my lovely “foreign” readers that are becoming my friends!

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10 (arty) things that make me happy!

It is 2-for1 week again. This time I am combining The Gallery with a “Happy meme” (in the bloggy world, meme’s are “sharing games” that also help you connect in the bloggy world).  I am ashamed to say, that a while back (!) I received a “what makes me happy” meme from Jumbly Mummy, because she thought I could share 10 Arty things with you! What a lovely arty challenge! Sorry that it has taken SOOOO long to do this! Funnily enough, I also got tagged by Christine at Thinly Spread too… so now I can reply to you both!

The rules: mention & link who tagged you, write your stuff (10 happy things) and then tag another 10 bloggers.

1) I am simply chuffed to bits when Pip Squeak is crying, then sees her Penguins and starts smiling. Makes me all warm and fuzzy. What a cutie.

2) It makes me happy when someone says “I can’t” and then “does” – especially when it is art related.. many people THINK they can’t… but give it a go and surprise yourself!

3) I got a letter from one of the little girls on summer camp (where I did voluntary work), telling me about the scarf she knitted for her sister – having learned how to knit from me that year on camp! That made me feel all warm and fuzzy!

4) Seeing Red Ted get stuck in (see an example of my stART posts). Again and again and again. Or Red Ted shouting “mummy draw!” or “Red Ted do it” or “Rooooaaaar” with accompanying hand movements when he sees the outline for one of my lion paintings. Bless.

5) When my 3 Pop Art Teds raised £350 for Childline in their silent Auction – not only was that a great fundraising effort, but also someone lovely out there really appreciated my work.

6) When I stumble across a sculpture (e.g. Boy & Dolphin) or when somewhere like Tate Britain does someting “cool” like colour all it’s pillars in different colours! Or the giant plug in Soho.

7) When I see a really good photo that friends have taken (check out Barefoot in the Kitchen or Dieuwke)or when I am successful with one of my own photos! I quite like my ring above, as well as “Outside my front door” and “Ugly“! Especially since I have a “more or less” bog standard camera and don’t know how to edit my photos properly!

8 ) When I receive a testimonial from someone who bought a painting for their little one – especially if it includes a photo of them getting excited. So sweet!!!

9) When I start a craft project with Red Ted without really knowing exactly how I am going to do it and it turns out well! (see the chick or the footprint post)

10) When people are genuinely inspired by my crafts and have a go! AND then let me know – these lovely ladies made their own bunting!! How lovely! Ellie and Snaffles Mummy.

And I am tagging:

Sarah from Cocoboat @cocoboat

Jon from Just A Typical Dad @jon_stead

Jax from Mummys Little Monkey @jax2000

The Gallery – 7 Sins – Pride

Prideful Preening

Prideful Preening


Time for this week’s Gallery post. (Each week Tara Cain at Sticky Fingers sets us all a photo challenge). This week’s challenge is “The 7 Sins” – Sloth, Pride, Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Wrath and Envy!  

Remember the film Seven with Brad Pitt? The interpretation of “Pride” in that was “Vanity”… so I decided that this photo of our cat preening itself “fit the bill”!  

I am also linking this up with I Heart Faces - Photo Challenges, Tutorials and Tips  and the “Pet’s” theme.  



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The Gallery – Joy – I love Spring & Sunny Days


Blue Sky


New Leaves


red ted

I love Tara Cain’s The Gallery.  And once again, the topic for the week has been set! After the challenges of last week’s Ugly , we are doing “joy” this week! The FIRST thing that sprang to mind when I read the word “joy” was a bright blue sunny sky – just like the one outside today. That morning freshness that goes with. I went out to photograph it and took the other two photos to: Spring is here and I love it. I genuinely fills my heart with joy and light heartedness. Especially after the “long” winter we have had. Hope you like too!

PS Isn’t it ironic that the SAME street provided me with Ugly and Joy posts!!!

The Gallery – Outside my front door

Outside my front door

Outside my front door

My husband always tells me off for my 80-20 approach to life (80-20 rule – pareto’s law – yadiyadi yaaaa…). But here it goes again. Loving Tara Cains The Gallery, I rushed to see what this weeks topic was. Went off and took my pic. Then came back to double check. And guess what… in my 80-20 haste, I only read half her post… so didn’t get the post quite right (but got it done quickly). The topic is “Outside my front door”. This is a pic of my front door… (and not what is outside my house). But now I have done it, I want to stick with it, as it once again, tells you more about me/ us…. Our front garden gets ALL the sun, and, unconventional me, delights in using the urban front garden as a vegetable patch (where others grow hedges or flowers). Last year growing tomatoes, courgettes and lettuce in it! The photo also represents family life, as it shows my son’s watering can. I am also an inherently untidy person – the watering can (and other gardening equipment), does actually “live” outside my front door… my father is for ever coming round and trying to tidy up for me! Ha ha.

I am also linking this with Jenny Matlock W is for Watering Can!

I am also linking this up with “Where in the World Wednesday: Your Backyard” – I know this isn’t strictly speaking our backyard, however, with all the veg in it, I think it fits the bill!!

The Gallery – Me

Lovely Day. The Englishman & Me

So. You saw my Gallery Post only a couple of days ago and already I am posting another. That is because these are weekly and I entered last week rather late…. this week’s topic is “me” (as in me, not Tara at Sticky Fingers). A photo that somehow represents me… there are SO many to choose from, where do I start? As I don’t have access to all our files (the laptop is still in for repair), I have a limited number to choose from (what luck). And I chose this wedding photograph! It was a very special day (of course) and much fun was had. So it is a nice one to remember. WIll post it on The Gallery as soon as it “opens” for submissions! Woohoo.