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How To… Make an Amigurumi (Crochet Animal Friends) Guest Post


I am VERY excited to bring you Clara from amieggs and her most adorable Amigurumi or Crocheted Small Things. She makes wonderful creations, that are normally available for purchase. But she has decided to be VERY generous and share two of her patterns with you. Below you will find the most adorable teddy and then hop over to her blog for a bunny (get it – “hop over”? ahem). She has inspired me to learn to crochet. I have never been interested before.. but now, my crochet hooks are on order! Woohoo. Over to the lovely Clara and her fabulous creations:

Hello! My name is Clara and I run the amieggs blog over at =)

I love crocheting, and dedicate my blog to all my creations. The name of the blog, amieggs, comes from the name I’ve given my own little creatures:
Amieggs are little crochet eggs dressed up as a bunch of things… from animals to food! Here are some of my favorites:
The fox, the penguin, the elephant and the corn on the cob!
I also enjoy crocheting furniture. My first project was this tiny living room:
And I further on moved to slightly bigger furniture like the following armchair, in a 1:6 scale to fit my Blythe doll =)
I sell my patterns and eggs in my etsy shop, you can visit it here:
Today, I would like to share a free pattern with you all!!! It is part of the newest patern in my shop, the toy chest! 

As you can see, in my patterns I draw diagrams to explain the difficult parts of a project and include many pictures to make your work as easy as possible!!!

While the toy chest pattern is available in my shop, you can get the teddy bear pattern here totally for free and the bunnies pattern on my blog! Hope you enjoy it, and I love to see all your finished creations!!! Feel free to leave a comment on my blog ( or even share your pictures with me on flickr!!! (
Teddy bear
You will need:
Tan cotton yarn
A number 5 crochet hook
A yarn needle
1 – make a ring with 6 stitches
2  – inc each stitch (total 12 stitches)
3 – sc 1, inc 1: repeat 6 times (total 18 stitches)
4 – sc 3, inc 1, sc 2: repeat 3 times (total 21 stitches)
5 – sc 1, inc 1, sc 5: repeat 3 times (total 24 stitches)
6 through 9 – sc 1 on each stitch (total 24 stitches)
10 – sc 1, dec 1, sc 5: repeat 3 times (total 21 stitches)
11 – sc 3, dec 1, sc 2: repeat 3 times (total 18 stitches)
12 – sc 1, dec 1: repeat 6 times (total 12 stitches)
13 – dec 6 (total 6 stitches)
Stuff and bind off
1 – make a ring with 6 stitches
2 – inc each stitch (total 12 stitches)
3 through 5 – sc 1 on each stitch (total 12 stitches)
6 – sc 2, dec 1: repeat 3 times (total 9 stitches)
7 through 8 . sc 1 on each stitch (total 9 stitches)
Bind off leaving long tail for sewing, stuff and sew to head.
1 – ch 2
2 – ch 1 to turn, sc 1 on each stitch and one on the ends (total 6 stitches, see diagram)
3 – sc 6
Bind off leaving a long tail for sewing. Embroider nose, stuff and sew to the head.
1 – Make a ring with 4 stitches
2 – sc 1, increase 1: repeat 2 times (total 6 stitches)
3 through 6 – sc 6
Bind off leaving long tail for sewing, stuff and sew to body.
1 – Make a ring with 4 stitches
2 – sc 1, increase 1: repeat 2 times (total 6 stitches)
3 through 7 – sc 6
Bind off leaving long tail for sewing, stuff and sew to body.
1 – ch 1
2 – ch 1 to turn, sc 3 stitches in 1 stitch.
3 – ch 1 to turn, increase 3 (sc 2 on each stitch)
4 – ch 1 to turn, sc 6
Bind off leaving long tail and sew onto head.
Finally, attach a brown ribbon around the teddy bear’s neck and cut the edges into a V shape.


Clara @ amieggs
I can’t wait for my crochet hooks to arrive… and to get learning!
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How to… make easy Coasters & Learn to Work with Clay (Guest Post)


The very creative Jane at Fired4u is fabulous at making crafting easy for everyone – of all ages and abilities. Make pretty things in a wonderfully accessible way – if you ever feel you want to get carfty but “can’t” on your own, just visit her fabulous pottery store and get stuck in! Here she shows us how to make clever little coasters – out of anything like Fimo, Saltdough or Airdrying clay. There is lots about clay I did NOT know, so this is a really useful reference post on how to work with clay!!! I will definitely be making some with Red Ted as Christmas gifts from him to family (Pssst, family, stop reading now!). I also love that you can incorporate the seasons – e.g. leaf printing, which Red Ted adores… enough from me, more from Jane:

Hi, I follow Red Ted on twitter and love the crafts she does with her children. She asked me if I would write a project using clay. My normal work is with pottery if you click here – you’ll see what I do in my day job.

 So after weeks of thoughts and ideas here is one thought on what to do with clay – now when I mention clay I am talking about clay to be fired in a kiln as it’s what I work with. However this project can be done with air dry clay (make sure you get the good kind with plastic type fibres in it as it’s much stronger) or Salt dough or other craft ‘clays’ such as Fimo and Daz.

Items needed for 5 coasters

  • ½ kilo of firing earthen ware clay (or salt dough or air dry clay or Fimo etc)
  • Old pillow case or smooth cotton sheet / old T-towel
  • Wood board or baking tray covered with cling film
  • Wood planks about 1/2cm thick or similar – thin books etc – just cover with a bag to keep clean
  • Wooden rolling pin
  • Scone cutters/ other round shapes
  • Items to push into clay to make interesting patterns
  • Little tiles or 2p pieces (weights to prevent curling)

When working with any of these products the trick is to get it even in thickness, this is so it dries out at an even rate; this reduces the risk of cracking. [comment from Maggy: AND if these are to be Coasters, you want a lovely even surface so your glass of wine or mug of tea doesn’t topple!!!!]

1) So we need to roll the clay out flat, place it on cotton ideally (I use old pillow cases), or paper or some people use Hessian (gives a very textured effect on clay surface).

Place 2 pieces of wood (1/2cm) either side of the clay and a dry wooden rolling pin. Use the rolling pin to roll the clay; it’s important you roll all the way forward to the end of the clay then all the back towards you to the end of the clay each time you roll the rolling pin. 

While you do this keep turning the piece of clay over and turn it round – clay does not roll out smoothly – an overhang occurs (salt dough won’t do this). This stops the over hand at the edges.

Then take one piece of wood away from each side and continue to roll the clay and remember to turn it over until the pin rolls on the wood again.

2) I used a ‘scone’ cutter to cut my coasters; I chose the largest one so a mug will sit on it comfortably. You can cut random shapes out by hand or etch around a bowl or mug etc.

After cutting 2 coasters I squashed my clay up again – if you don’t squeeze all the air out or mould it to itself until its smooth again you will get joins showing in the clay. You can see the crazing on the coaster with sequins on it where I haven’t smoothed the clay.

3) Once the shapes are cut place them on a wood board to dry (or a baking tray with cling film over it ).

4) So to the fun creative part – you need to find interesting items with grooves or patterns on them to press into the coasters to add design. I used an old butter pat, real leaves, sequins, buttons, pasta and peppercorns. At this point you could have a fun hunt about the house if it’s a wet day or a garden hunt on a dry day. You could hunt all sorts out of the garden – bark, leaves, flowers, stones etc or materials with texture, lace or beads in doors etc

Press them firmly into the clay to make an impression a few millimeters into the surface. Do not leave the items you use to make the impressions in the clay as when the clay dries as it shrinks it will get stuck against the items and cause the clay to crack. Items such as leaves and sequins – place onto surface then gently roll the rolling pin over to push it into the clay without rolling the shape of the coaster away.

5) Now patience is required – if you have used firing clay these need to be left to dry out for 2-3 weeks before firing in my kiln. For the other clays mentioned at the beginning of this follow the drying instructions on the packets. I rest small tiles over the edges of the clay to stop them curling upwards when they dry out or 2p pieces do the same job.

6) Once my coasters have been fired I will paint them with under glaze paints, then glaze them and fire them. If you are using air dry clay poster paints or acrylic paints can be used.  A water based varnish can be used over the top once dry to seal the surface if you wish to use these coasters.

I hope you have fun doing this project and hope you send your results to Red Ted art.

If you live local to Fired 4 U in Preston Lancashire (Great Britain) you are welcome to join us for a clay session any time.






Wow! Isn’t Jane clever?! I have to say, I didn’t know that clay was quite so tricky to work with… so there are some fabulous pointers here and a great way to learn about clay! Needless to say, everything is a little easier with Saltdough or Fimo, great mediums to with when getting crafty with children!

Adding this to Visit

This was featured on UndertheTableandDreaming How lovely!

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How to.. make a No Sew new Tee out of an old favourite Tee! (Guest Post)


The lovely Helen from Ickle Babe makes a range GORGEOUS gifts, from baby quilts, to bunting, to Aprons and New Home gifts. You simply have to pop over and check it out! I knew that ANY Guest Post from her would be a winner and a winner it is! Ever had your child grow out of a favourite t-shirt that tearfully had to be packed away? Look no further, re-use key features and make a new one. Not only is it clever, cut and fun, it is NO SEW! Hurray!

Recycled Tee Project!

This make was inspired by the lovely Milly, at a year and a half her most favourite thing in the world is her Lola tee. She Loves “yoya” (lola) as she calls her , and wears this top constantly, patting her belly as she runs about, as if Lola is actually playing with her. Its very cute! But unfortunately, we all knew the day would come… it’s getting to small.

So I have decided to re-cycle it, it was super easy and Milly LOVES it, maybe even more now that she did before. I figure I can just keep doing this until “yoya” falls apart or when Milly gets bored of her and wants a boyfriend instead ;P So here goes…..

You will need…

  • A sharp pair of scissors Pinking shears (optional)
  • An old t-shirt
  • A plain new t-shirt
  • A sheet of BondaWeb (like big sheets of wonderweb, John Lewis or Ebay always has it )

1) First roughly cut around the pieces you want to feature . I used two old jumpers for this. One had Lola on it and as she looked like she was running away on the pic I cut a little bee and some flowers out of the other one to create a little scene. Find a background piece, this can be new fabric like mine or another recycled piece, you could even use the back of the old tee, as long as its in a co-ordinating colour from the new tee your putting it on to.

2) Using a hot iron, fuse the bondaweb to the pieces. All you have to remember here is to place the rough side on the wrong side of your fabric and iron for 4-5 secs using dry heat. Use the wrong side and you just end up with sticky bondaweb on your ironing board!

3) Cut around them carefully, I used pinking shears for an extra bit of texture, but you don’t have to if you don’t have any, normal scissors are fine.

4) Peel the back off the bonda webbing and arrange your “collage” on your new tee. Place a damp tea towel (make sure its a plain one, I did this with a red one once and dyed the t-shirt pink) over the piece and iron down. I find it easier to just put the iron on sections and leave for about ten seconds at a time and then move to the next. As if you just sweep your iron around you can disturb your pieces underneath.

5) Remove the wet tea towel, Give it a final good iron and leave fused pars flat to cool for about 20mins.

And there you have your new fully washable original *designer* tee!

 You could customise it further with buttons (I have some cherry red vintage ones to add to Milly’s) or ribbons. Very easy but very fun, you can let your imagination go wild. I have even saved some of the other jumper for customizing some jeans too, the possibilities are endless!

I think Helen came up with a fabulous way of recycling AND keeping little people happy! Fabulous!

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Get Crafty – Aug 2010 – SUMMER!


Welcome back to the monthly Get Crafty feature. Design to inspire people to “Get Crafty”. Hope you find something lovely to make!

This month I bring you “Summer” – anything to do with summer – from trips to the beach to hanging out with friends to sunflowers and butterflies! Hope you find something lovely to make!

If you like what you see, do go and visit all the relevant sites – the crafty peeps would really appreciate it and they have so many other things for you to see!! Go on… you know you want to!

If you feel inspired, do embed the Get Crafty logo on your site – go to the Get Crafty tab and scroll to the bottom of the page for the code! 

Next Get Crafty challenge is “Yellow” – nice and easy! Sunflowers, Lemons, Birds, Giraffes, School Buses, Kites, Suns, Rainbows, once again, anything goes – your imagination once again is the limit!!!!
Submissions via the comments on this post by Saturday 28 August 2010.


Get Crafty with Children


What is summer without a pinwheel. What is CHILDHOOD without pinwheels. If you can’t quite remember how to make them, visit Mari-Ann at Counting Coconuts for her beautiful Pinwheel tutorial. Lovely! This, btw, is a great way of recycle toddler art: if you have been painting with your toddler, you can use their wonderful creations for this too! They will love it!

Driftwood Boat

I love things made from nature’s finds. And driftwood is particularlybeautiful. Mary at Lavender and Linen made this beautiful driftwood boat. Take you kids to the beach. Go search. And Get Crafty!!!




This is actually a traditional Galician craft and it is lovely to learn more about another culture. So go and take a look  Meninheira over at Dalle un colino and have a go! (Use Google Translate to help you along a little…)



Window Display

Valerie over at Frugal Family Fun always comes up trumps with crafts for and with kids. Here she has  a quick, fun and very easy window decor craft using paints and coffee filters. What lovely birds and how they light up as that wonderful summer sun shines through! Valerie is the author of Frugal Family Fun Blog, where she posts daily about her obsession with inexpensive crafts, family activities, and all around good times on a budget!

Home Made Water Bombs 

Even the title of this blog is awesome “Making Memories, One Thing After Another” – with a title like that you know you are onto a good thing. Now this a very simple idea, but I can just hear the squeals of laughter and joy. Hop over to see how the made their Water Bombs! I think we will be doing this one at Opapa’s house!

Evolution of the Artist

As an advocate to Get Crafty, I am ashamed to admit that all my painting focus has been on Red Ted (2.5yrs), not on Pip Squeak (8mths). This post served as a lovely reminder to let Pip Squeak have a go too. We have. And we now have two awesome keep sake paintings in our hall way! Thank you! Summer is the best time of year to do this, as you can strip your little ones down and let them have fun! Like the idea of doing a background colour first! Hop over to For What It’s Worth and check it out!

Ice-Lollipop Stick Puzzle

Impress Your Kids” impressed me when I saw these super easy puzzles. After filling your bellies with lollipops this summer, make sure you save all the lollipop sticks. Then on a rainy day, rush indoors, grab some holiday snaps and make these super easy puzzles. Give them as stocking fillers at Christmas. Easy. Fun. Effective. Job done!


Paper Flowers

Lots of flowers around during the Summer months. However, as school term drew to an end and the Summer Holidays a, Jen at The Madhouse made these lovely flowers with her boys. These could serve well as a thank you to teachers or as a simple “I love you”  to a loved one. Love the fact that the petals are heart shaped and that Jen’s boy was able to make these by himself!

Cork Boats

Our very own little Cork Boats. We went to visit Opapa for some splashing in the paddling pool and came away having been Crafty! Hurray. Super easy to make and provides you with an excellent excuse to drink some wine…



Memory Jars

After a perfect summer holiday, what do you do? Come home and feel the back to school blues? Not anymore! Make these wonderfully simple Memory Jars! Put all your little special somethings in it and come back to them on a rainy day. They look so pretty and are a great way to “do something” with all those little collectibles. Fabulous. I saw these by Melissa at the Inspired Room and indeed was inspired!!

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral

The lovely Christine over at her blog has a host of Summer Time activities to keep the little ones occupied, happy and away from the TV!  In this post she shows us their fabulously crafty vegetable animals. My favourite is Marvin (featured) and Parsnip the Unicorn. Go and take a look and then have a go with your kids too. You can always kid yourself that they’ll eat more veg after or stop playing with their food… mmmh. Or check out Christine’s other fabulous summer time ideas!

Beach Art

Some of you may remember how much I loved the V&A project that I mentioned on Nature Get Crafty (scroll down to the bottom for it). Well, Jude at Artful Adventures did just that (unrelated to my post, I hastened to add – she is a wonderfully creative person!). So take a look at her fabulous article on Land Art involving kids. And when you are at the beach this summer, DO HAVE A GO! We are going with Red Ted in 2-3 weeks time and I can’t wait to get Arty!

Peg Butterflies

Cathy at the Nurture Store, does the most wonderful craft and activities with her girls. She came up trumps again with this very pretty butterflies – tailored to her girl’s crafting abilities and yet still turning out so wonderfully pretty. A summer without butterflies wouldn’t b the same, now would it? Do check her other activities too, lots of great ideas for you and your little ones!

start Night – Peg Friends

Wonder Mom at The Fantastic Fice Hockman blog has been hosting “stART Nights” for the children in the neighbour during these summer months. I think it is brilliant that she is sharingthe crafty fun amongst the children around her. So this summer, this is one of the things the kid’s made – a “box of cloth peg friends“. Summer is all about meeting new kids on your road, making friends and having fun!!

Get Crafty for Children (or with older children)


A summer picnic seems to always attract ants! But if the ants that came to our picnic were some of these, I wouldn’t mind so much.. Staci at Craftify It, shows us how!



Hi-ho apple-o game

If you are planning a long journey this summer or just want some new games to play at picnics or at home, why not try your hand at this fun hi-ho apple-o game? Kimberley at Bugaboo, Mini, Mr & Me shows us how.



Wooden Sun Crafts

This Wooden Sun really caught my eye, as it was so different and unique. We are shown how to make it over at Wabi-Sabi Wanderings. This would be a great woodwork project for boys and would look lovely in any garden! It would definitely bring some summer sun to the garden in those gloomy winter days.


Farm in a Bag

I told you Valerie comes up trumps, because here she is again,this time with something she made for her girls – a “Farm in a Bag” – or should I say the bag is the farm and you put all your farm things inside! I am telling you, once mine are that little bit older (next summer?) they will surely be getting one of these!


Sensory Sea Box

What a lovely and detailed how to. My Mommy Makes It not only shows us how to die rice but also how to make the mermaids and the sand banks and even the palm trees. A lovely sensory toy for your children. I think at the very least I will be making a mermaid, they themselves are ADORABLE!


I Spy

Michelle came up with super easy, super cute I Spy book to keep children entertained on those long car journeys (when all items in the car have already been spied)  or flights. If you think you are “not crafty”, then stop by here and think again. Simple, easy, effective. And be surprised but what words, letters and numbers your children already know… Michelle was!

Get Crafty for Adults (or older Children)

Bug Candles

Think of those lovely long summer nights. Think of those pesky bugs. No more. Make your very own pretty and effective bug candles a la Positively Splendid, they are indeed splendid!!!



Summer Sunflower Cushion

Summer is all about Sunflowers! This is the time of year tha they grow to their full height. If you missed out growing some this year, why not Get Crafty and make this gorgeous Sunflower Cushion? Or use the tutorial to make a little flower for your dress or hair? Dangerously Domestic Jen shows how.


Lollipop Soap

Ok, so which is it Lollipops or Soap? These deliciously refreshing looking loolies are in fact soap and not at all edible. Sigh. They do however look fabulous and would may be persuade the odd reluctant child to wash their hands more often. I am dead impressed. Pop over to Greanbean’s Crafterole and check it out now!

Get Crafty – Oooooh

Home made Ice Cream (no ice cream makers needed!)

Oooh, how CLEVER is this homemade ice cream? No ice cream machine needed and a “keep them busy” activity included. I am so giving this a go. Go on, check it out how Stacie over at Amazing Mess made it. Another one for our “holidays at home” to do list!



Rainbow Cookies Back to our Rainbow Cookies! If summer isn’t behaving and we are faced with clouds and rain, make some of these rainbow cookies to cheer yourself up! Alternatively, if summer IS behaving, make some anyway!

Rainbow cookies

Jelly Watermelon Slices

I ADORE these Jelly Watermelon slices that Christine at Little Page Turners made. Summer is not the same without Watermelon treats and to make it crafty and fun you can make these out of Jelly and Limes. This is such a fun treat for any summer party or BBQ! She also made some fabulous looking Watermelon Cookies. Amazing.

Flower Sugar Cubes

Last but by no means least, is Denise at Snaffle Mummy. She made these fabulous Flower Sugar Cubes. Wouldn’t they be lovely at a tea party? She tells me that she has them at the office for her cups of tea. How wonderful to bring a bit of sunshine into the office.

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  • How to… make No Sew Lavender Bags/ Pillows!


    Love the beautiful lavender around this time of year? Think it is a shame when it all goes to waste in a few weeks time? Don’t have the time (or inclination) to sew a lavender bag or little lavendar pillow? Look no further. No Sew Lavender Bags are here.

    This is so ridiculously easy, that I am not even sure it is “worth writing a tutorial” about. If you have seen my no sew bunting or no sew apron, you will know what I am on about and hopefully agree with me.

    Materials: What you will need is some pretty fabric scraps, wonderweb (or BondaWeb in the US?), dried lavender (cut fresh lavender, place in a paper bag and hang to dry), a hot iron & two tea towels (to protect the iron and ironing board).

    Step 1) Cute out two squares, but “wrong” sides together – i.e. you will not be turning these inside out. Pretty side out pleased!

    Step 2) Place strips of WonderWeb along 3 sides and iron hot until it is properly sealed. Turn round and iron reverse, just to make sure it is really bonded

    Step 3) Fill with lavender

    Step 4) Add fourth strip of WonderWeb and iron hot. The fourth strip is the trickiest, as you will not get the central and therefore hottest part of the iron on it, so make sure you really have melted the WonderWeb. If necessary, let cool and repeat

    Step 5) Trim edges to neaten.


    For him: I used old shirts and jeans

    For her: Iron on a piece of ribbon (using wonderweb)

    For hanging: add a ribbon “loop” to one of the first 3 edges, so you can hang from a coat hanger (only thought of this AFTERWARDS)

    ENJOY! And happy smelly drawers.

    (PS make these now and use as fabulous stocking fillers near Christmas or surprise someone by sending one through the post!)

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    Great stART: Piep Piep Piep or making watches with toddlers

     Welcome to another story+ art = great stART (for more on “start projects” visit the original A Mommy’s Adventure). I was fretting a little about this week’s story & craft project, as I have a couple of “complicated ones” up my sleeve, but also want to keep encouraging everyone to have a go. Mess is good. But no mess is also good.

    And then Red Ted pulled this book from the shelf! And inspiration came!

    Piep, Piep, Piep: Das Buch der Töne und Geräusche Piep, Piep, Piep: Das Buch der Töne und Geräusche, by Soledad Bravi. Originally in French, so get that if German is no good for you!  A lovely (soft?) board book – it has many images of different every day things and all the sounds that they make. I particularly like it that the “plug says – no no no!” and that the christmas tree sings “oh tannenbaum”. Fabulous. Simple. Red Ted (2.5 yrs) always make me sing to the christmas tree, but also likes many of the other pages. It is really nice that we can enjoy this book with Pip Squeak (8mths) too, as she loves the bright colours and the fun noises. Depending on the month, Red Ted has a different favourite page. Currently, we get stuck on the watch page (tick tack), mainly because I showed him an old Swatch Flick Flack that used to be mine and told him once it has a new battery he can have it.

    We were also given a read the time activity book which he loves drawing in.Needless to say, he hasn’t got a clue and cannot tell the time. He is not a wonderchild, but the point is, he is taking an interest in time. And we talk about time. And I tell him what time we do what.

    So. The craft project. This is super easy.It took 2 min per watch. We made them more on a whim than anything else. I just realised that, I made them all. Mmh, I guess Red Ted gave me instructions (mainly “more”), but we did discuss time (what time shall I do next, Red Ted?) and he did want some for his friends. And you do learn through watching?! Below there are some more crafty suggestions.


    1) Materials: Loo Roll, Scissors, Paper, Pen, Sellotape 

    2) Cut a strip of loo roll: the armband 

    3) Cut a circle and draw a watch face 

    4) Sellotape on (you can glue it, but takes a while to dry! 



    • let your toddler decorate the wristband and watch face:
    • decorate loo roll: with feathers, fake gems, paint, pens, whatever takes your fancy (avoid glitter with this one, you will have it ALL over the house)
    • instead of loo roll, cut a strip of coloured card and sellotape it – good for older childrenwith bigger wrists.
    • Maybe you can be SUPER crafty and with a pin make a moving clock arms

    This was freatured on Beyond The Picket Fence   and  

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    stART: Story & Thank you time – inspirational thank you cards    

    stART: Hurray for Fish – one for babies or messy toddlers!     

    stART: Bedtime Star – Red Ted, makes a starry night for Pip Squeak’s nursery    

    stART: The Way Back Home, Oliver Jeffers – Red Ted makes a plane and a UFO    

    Craft: Peg animals – toddlers can help! 


    Get Crafty – July 2010 – Made by Man!

    Hello! Welcome back to Get Crafty! This month’s theme was “Made By Man” (aka ManMade Get Crafty)! As always, my interpretation was the loosest possible sense:  from robots, to cars, to rockets, to cardboard kitchens and dolls houses, to toddler handbags, to puppets. You have all surprised me by how imaginative and beautiful ManMade can really be!

    If you like the look of something DO PLEASE show your appreciation by clicking on the link and thus telling the crafters that “you like”!!

    If you feel inspired, do embed the Get Crafty logo on your site – go to the Get Crafty tab and scroll to the bottom of the page for the code! 

    Next Get Crafty challenge is “Summer” – from sunflowers, to butterflies, to garden dens, to roasted marshmallows, to fruit, to veg, to sunhats, to flip flops, to tshirts…. – your imagination once again is the limit!!!!
    Submissions via the comments on this post by Friday 30 July 2010.

     Get Crafty with Children

    Rockets & Aliens

    I know I said rockets, but I didn’t quite expect an awesome rocket like this one! And it even comes with Aliens. Be ambitions with your rocket building and check out se7en and all their craftiness! Your kids will love making and playing with this!



    Egg Carton Boat

    You may recognise this Egg Carton Boat from my “Gallery-Motherhood” post or you may have seen it over at The Madhouse, where I did a Guest Post on how we made it! Hope you like 🙂



    Cardboard City

    Zoe always has wonderfully imaginative and playful craft projects over Playing by the Book. Her girls look like they have so much fun crafting and subsequently playing with their finished work. Brilliant. This time, they made this geat cardboard box city – lots of lovely painting – followed by lots of lovely playing. The city is simple to make and yet so effective. Go over and have a look – you will also see what fab little book inspired this project! 



    Egg Carton Wind Chimes

    You guys should know by now that I love anything made out egg cartons (see boat above or Dragon in Red Get Crafty) or loo rolls (see Giraffe Marionettes or Red Baron Airplane), so when I saw these windchimes at Dalle Un Colinho, they HAD TO GO INTO ManMade Get Crafty!



    Nesting Dispenser

    Meninheira (Dalle un Colinho) also sent us this CUTE nesting dispenser – I like the idea of something ManMade helping nature… and how sweet to use brown wool to match the bird’s nest!




    Night & Day City Skylines

    Cities are perfect for ManMade Get Crafty. And I love the fact that here we have some back to basics PAINTING. Sometimes it is easy to get carried away with all the “making stuff”, when painting and drawing in itself are awesome activities and great for children to take part in! I love the process that The Artist Woman took the kids through, making fun day and nighttime backgrounds (need to do some spray painting with Red Ted, me thinks!). Hop over, take a look. Get Crafty!


    Planes & Flying Saucers

    One of our very first “Story + Art” posts – Red Ted and I made a Red Plane and a Flying Saucers! We had such fun that Wednesday craft was born!




    Photo Frame

    This gorgeous little frame was actually intended for Nature Get Crafty, but it was  a little late. However, I strongly feel that a photo frame IS something “Man Made” too, so phew, we can add it in! It was made by my old flat mate E & her little girl G – and it only cost them 50p! Go E&G! look forward to more Get Crafties from your house! x



    Fridge Frames

    If you like my simple Paper Frames, you will LOVE these fridge frames from Jude at Artful Kids. They are wonderfully effective. Display one your kids drawings or paintings in it and you truly have a piece of art!

    fridge frames



    Wooden Spoon Theatre

    The Frugal Family came up trumps when their sock puppets failed, all was not lost and spoon puppets were invented! Followed by a live theatre performance. Brilliant. I say, who needs the Oscars when you have The Frugal Family theatre?!



    Double Decker Bus

    What would ManMade Get Crafty be without a Double Decker bus? Cathy and her girls at the Nurture Store oblige with this brilliant double decker bus. I love it that their toys fit perfectly and that they made it after a ride on a real double decker (and look at that very orderly queue)! More wonderful childhood memories!




    Get Crafty for Children (or with older children)

    Cloth books

    Oh my, when I saw these, I was simply in awe! What a LABOUR OF LOVE! Emily over at Naptime Creations, made these gorgeous gorgeous clothbooks! So many details and so many ideas. Love this! I was given a book similar to this and we love it. How special would it be if you MADE one. Or you made one for you grandchild/ godchild. Simply beautiful. There were so many pages to choose from for the little photo, it was really hard – I picked a little road (ManMade after all!) that you can play with toy cards on, but you simple have to go and take a look yourself to get the full effect of all the pages!!

    Dolls House

    I love this dolls house that Sandrine made – I love that it was (yet another) labour of love. I love that it is made out  of everyday things. I love that it has so much detail. And I love that it is loved!!! This is what all home made dolls house should be like and they are most definitely what define childhood memories. Lovely. Lovely. Sigh.




    Sorry what? Dorodango? Yes, Dorodango! This strange and mysterious shape comes alway the way from Japan. Marvelously Messy explains: “Dorodango are polished spheres, formed out of mud and the skill of your hands. They are a traditional past time of children in Japan. They are an exercise in patience and a great tool for meditation. The translation of the phrase Dorodango is doro: mud and dango: a type of round rice flour dumpling.” What an amazing and random bit of crafting.. I can imagine some older boys gettin into this!


    Elmo Hat

    Oh how cute and fun is the Elmo Hat! Michelle at Girl in Air shows us how! She is a beginner crocheter and yet still produce this stunning hat and YOU CAN TOO! Head over and be inspired! 




    Key Chains

    I love these Key Chains from Thoughts and Ideas. They look simple and stylish and are a good “Man Gift” (these particular ones are for father’s day, but surely, they will do for birthdays or christmas too). Lovely little tutorial. Only “but” is that you need the “stamping kit”… but you sometimes get to use these are “craft activity stores/ sessions” – so if you are near one, keep an eye out for what tools they have!


    Get Crafty for Adults (or older Children)

    Tic Tac Toe

    As father’s day was upon us in June, there was lots of “Manly” crafting going. I just ADORE this Tic Tac Toe that Leane at Organize Your Stuff Now made. The stones are so simple and yet so effective. I can really imagine how lovelty they are to hold whilst you are playing. A nice weight to them and a nice round feel. Perfect!



    Old Boot Flower Pot

    I just LOVE this old boot flower pot – it looks such fun and is such a great way to recycle an old boot! Go hope over and see what Amy at Keeping up with the Schulz Family did! I love discovering new blogs and this is a new one to me!



    Coasters with a difference

    I thought these photo coasters were pretty good. Then I look at the tutorial more closely and realised, that these coasters are BRILLIANT!  Learning how to make coasters is amazing, but what I loved was the detail: Emily didn’t just use lovely photos of her children, but she photographed them holding letters – so when you put the coasters all together they spell “Grandad”. How wonderfully detailed is that? One day, we will do the same!


    Polka Dot Clock

    I do love the simplicity of this clock. And it is so easy to make. What else can I Say, save for head over to Craftify It and check it out!




    Crochet edged pillow cases

    Snaffles Mummy shows us her fantastic pillow cases! She made the whole lot -from pillow case to crocheted edge and links through to some excellent instructions.  Didn’t she do a great job! I bet it feel lovely to climb into that bed. Fabulous and perfect for ManMade Get Crafty!

    Spinning Yarn

    Spinning Yarn

    Spinning Yarn

    Ever wondered how to make Yarn/ Wool? The lovely and ever so creative Mari-Ann at Counting Coconuts shows us how!! Take a peak.



    Get Crafty – Oooooh

    English Breakfast Face

    When @dizzydanni84 posted this photo on Twitter, I knew it had to go into ManMade Get Crafty – afterall we have had a number of Kitchen Craftiness posts and I thought this one was so simple and yet so wonderful! I know the photo is blurry, but that is beside the point. The point is, that this was done in an inpromptu creative moment which was wonderfully fun and what childhood is all about! Go Danni!


    Ice Cream Cupcakes

    If you are planning to have the summer party of the year (and making your very own Pinata), do also check these fabulously fun “cupcake icecream cones“, by Allison at House of Hepworths. Aren’t these simply brilliant? The most orginal cupcake I have seen in a while!

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