The Gallery – Memory & Kindness Club – Kind to Animals

2 for 1 Saturday is back. The Gallery and Kindness Club in one!  

The Gallery – Memory

This week’s prompt for the Gallery is “A Memory”. I have decided to stick to a shortened form of it “Memory – Full Stop”. For me memories are made up all sorts of different things. Above all the five senses – they are such an amazing way to recall a memory within split seconds. For me the smell of paint brings back primary school memories, the clicking of  a car door, long night time journeys to Austria.

Here are four photos to represent the five senses that I will hope will one day evoke lovely childhood memories for my children:

  1. Touch – the soft fur of our cats
  2. Taste – the tangy taste of gorgeous pick your own raspberries
  3. Smell – the smell of freshly popped popcorn
  4. Sound – the sounds of rain against the window pain, snuggly wrapped up on the sofa reading a book
  5. Sight – all of the above brought together in these photos (I did think of a lovely beach or wood photo we took this week, but 4 photos lend themselves for a nicer presentation -sorry! All photos taken on 13 August 2010 – and all photos formed part of our “Holiday @ Home” this past week):



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Kindness Club – Kind to Animals

Susie once again came up a with a fabulous prompt for the Kindness Club – be kind to animals. I am a great believer in respecting all things – be it nature, “things” or animals. It frustrates me to see senseless waste (you should have seen the damage disrespectful people did at the Pick Your Own Fram early this week – I believe it is quite common). As part of this, kindness to animals and creatures plays a big part.

Our cats have been a great way to teach Red Ted to be gentle and respectful. If he is not, they run away. It also means that from very early on he understood the words “gentle” and “careful”, which we were able to apply in all sorts of other situations (particularly the word “careful”). So being kind to our cats helped us in other areas as well.

Look at the poor cat tolerating all that joyeus tugging:


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12 responses to this post.

  1. Blimey! You are on the ball!
    That’s a great idea using different photos becAuse as you say it is normally different thing which evoke different memories! They are snapshots of you and your family’s life these last few days which make them special and unique to you 🙂
    Clever take on memory x


    • Posted by Red Ted Art on August 14, 2010 at 6:59 am

      Thanks Jenny! Definitely will represent this week! I am “always early”, as I tend to do this post on a Friday when I have a little more time…


  2. Love your memory picture! I think the senses especiall smell & touch are the greatest for memories! As for the cay – it is amazing how ‘loved’ they can be without turning nasty.


  3. Fabulous that the cat is so kind with your kids.


  4. I love those pics! And this is such a great take on memory. Proust and his madeleines have nothiing on you.


  5. Fab photos, what a great take on this weeks theme 🙂


  6. I find memory such a fascinating topic. Personally i find smell the most baffling of all. It comes out the blue to smack me in the face, leaving me feeling a little confused. It’s like an emotion memory and it takes me a while to piece it together. Like you, it is often a very early memory.



    • Posted by Red Ted Art on August 18, 2010 at 9:39 am

      Yes, you are quite right – it is the way it “hits” you that is quite disconcerning and then takes a while to place…


  7. Owww I very much like your take on the weeks theme! Well done!
    My first idea was memories and food but will save that for some time later:-))


  8. Wow, love your memory prompt idea and photos you clever thing you. x


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