Books x 3 – My Cat likes to hide in boxes, There are cats in this book, Mog the forgetful cat

Today we have a cat theme in our book collection! If you don’t like cats, look away now. If you do like cats and have no money to buy books, look away now. Else, read on and get these for your children’s library!!!!

All books are available on my amazon store. Proceeds go to charity and giveaways. You will find many more books on the amazon store, that I have reviewed in the last few months, so do pop over and have a browse. Hope you like and enjoy!

My Cat Likes to hide in Boxes My cat likes to hide in boxes, by Eve Sutton & Lynley Dodd. This book was recommended to me by a friend.  All cat lover’s will love this books, especially if their cat, likes to, erm, hide in boxes. A nicely illustrated simple book comparing how “My cat likes to hide in boxes” whilst all these other wonderful cats from France or Spain can do different things (dance and fly aeroplanes). The book has a nice flow to it and you’ll soon be able to recite it by heart!

There Are Cats in This Book There are cats in this book, by Vivianne Schwarz. This is currently our favourite cat book (but don’t worry, we are fickle). This book is fun and the reader is drawn in, as the cheeky cats talk to you and encourage you to “tuck them in” or “turn the page”. It is more than just a “lift the flap” book, corners are cut out so you can see subsequent pages, enticing you to turn the page and find out more. These cats are cheeky and fun and you get to take part!

Mog the Forgetful CatMog, the forgetful cat, by Judith Kerr .  A classic children’s book that goes hand in hand with the Tiger that came for tea. Red Ted (2.5yrs)  has loved this book for a long time. I think he likes the cat and he likes the repetitiveness of “Bother that cat”, as Mog increasingly gets himself into trouble throughout the day. So, yes, Mog is a clumsy and forgetful cat, much to the dismay of his owners, who are constantly bothered by something that clumsy Mog does (sitting on hats, forgetting how to get into the house and waking the children!). Eventually Mog saves the day (by accident) and is rewarded with a medal and eggs. A sweet classic that won Red Ted over.

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14 responses to this post.

  1. I have some of the german books you recommend. And I am also very interested in your other recommendations. My girl is 4 ys old and has a bigger library than me. I just LOVE childrens books!


    • Posted by Red Ted Art on July 6, 2010 at 4:14 pm

      I think my children have more books than me too!! Would love to hear some of your German book recommendations? Always looking for something new! And often have to guess with the German ones as I buy them form Amazon!


  2. Posted by nimblebee2 on July 6, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    My Cat Likes to hide in boxes- What a fabulous book! Yet another one I used in my Infant classroom for many years. There is a great Words and Pictures cartoon that goes with it. Easy for young children to follow, good fun and lots of activities and conversation can come with it! We have two copies in our house, 1 for our daughter and 1 for me!


  3. Laughing at this because my daughter has been fascinated by cats for quite a while though (unlike me, no idea where she gets it from) so these would be perfect for her. Thank you:) Jen


  4. Can you believe I’ve never heard of any of these? My girls would love them!


  5. The first two are STELLAR in my humble opinion, but the Mog stories just don’t do it for me… I know they are classics but I’ve never fallen for them. And then it doesn’t help that M has an audiobook of a collection of MOG stories that is done SO terribly that I have very nearly binned it on several occasions! But both the first two make me and my girls laugh a lot so they definitely get the thumbs up!


  6. I’ve not heard of these before and I’ve got to add them to my list! I’ve loved cats for a long time and we now live with a neurotic one… Maybe they’re all neurotic! Cats do have a way of hiding in the strangest places. I cant wait to find these!


  7. Thanks for joining WMCIR! The second book was very well received here, and we love cats (especially stuffed ones :)) I am going to look for the other two you recommend.


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