Books x3 – Touchy Feely – Baby Touch, Animal Hide and Seek, Alphabet

We love touchy feel books in our house! And this is “touchy feel week” over at Red Ted Art! If you like our book reviews, all previously posted books are reviewed again on my Amazon store – proceeds go towards prizes and charity! Also the Amazon store is a little easier to browse, than the books reviewed on the blog!

Baby Touch: NumbersBaby Touch: Numbers, by Ladybird. A very sweet touchy feely book for the littlest amongst us. Introducing numbers 1-5. But I simple love the Number 3 – with the softest cutest little cats! Red Ted has always picked this one up and loved playing with it. Now it is Pip Squeaks  (7 mths) turn!

Animal Hide and Seek (Farmyard Tales Touchy-feely) Animal Hide and Seek (Farmyard Tales) by Stephen Cartwright. Although this book is part of a “series of Usborne” books, I think it is one of the lovelier ones. We have the “classic Usborne farm” with Daisy the Cow and Poppy and Sam, the Children. Plus little ducky hiding on every page. But what we really like about this touchy feely book, is how “real” the touchy feel bits are – there is a great bristly fabric for a thistle and the sheep have a woolly coat, there is shiny water in the trough and a corrugated card on the tractor. Add to this, that there is a flap on each page (where is Daisy/ Cluck etc hiding?), there is lots to do for little hands. On top of that, we have some counting AND the “find the ducky” activity. Lovely book!

Alphabet Alphabet, by Matthew Van Fleet. Red Ted was given this book when he was around 14 months old,  and he couldn’t then, nor can now keep his hands off it. Touchy feely. Pull outs. Sticky bits… what more do you want? It comes with the most beautiful wallchart that has some amazing pop ups. I do have to confess, that he is only allowed this one “under supervision” as he used to get overexcited and pull things off (even though he knows better). What is nice for the parent: well obviously, it is the alphabet… but I do like the unusual textures, like the sticky octopus and the rough tongue of the lion!

Previous book reviews found at Red Teds Amazon store!!


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  1. These books sound like lots of fun for the younger set! My kids always loved the touchy feely books–and so did I!


  2. We have second two of these, and they are a big hit over here too. The octopus in the animal Alphabet has caused giggles of delight every single time the book is opened, as if it is a novelty every time. Wonderful book.


  3. Posted by Nimblebee2 on June 22, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    We too have ‘Alphabet’ our baby was given it for her 1st birthday and she just loves it! As a mummy I love sharing this book with my baby, making animal noises etc! As a school teacher, I am so impressed by this book and its engaging nature. A definite must have for all children’s book lovers!


    • Posted by Red Ted Art on June 22, 2010 at 9:12 pm

      Oooh, thank you so much for your comment, you obviously are an expert and am very pleased that you approve!!!! x


  4. We have a Shiny Touchy Smelly book that the kids love. It has scratch and sniff sections plus touchy areas. Very fun!


  5. those books look so cute! thanks for adding your link to Book Sharing Monday!


  6. These look great–especially since I’m starting all over with a new little one!


  7. We love touchy feely books. I have a very tactile almost two-year-old.


  8. Thanks for this review of touchy feely books – we really enjoyed ours too. Usborne book looks especially lovely and has the same graphics as one of our favorites – First Experiences. I am sure that Anna would enjoy it even at her “mature” 3.5 🙂


  9. That alphabet book looks adorable – wish I’d seen that a few years ago!


  10. We like the Usborne books – I think the kids would really enjoy a touchy feely one 🙂


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