Books x3 – Being you

Theme world continues.. this week’s theme if “Being Yourself” – in a loose sense. Hope you like the choice! 

Remember all the books are available on my Amazon Store – the (very) small (!) proceeds  I make go towards giveaways and charity… 🙂 

Giraffes Can't Dance Dance, Giles Andreae & Guy Parker-Rees. I have to confess to picking this book up, because I like the “format”. Our version is a smallish boardbook. I also liked the rhythm and rhyme of the book and Red Ted liked the bright colours. Here we have the story of a Gerald the giraffe that is, well, a little clumsy on his feet. Each year the jungle holds a jungle dance and Gerald feels left out has he is so “rubbish”. Sadly he wanders off… however, a small cricket helps him discover his “inner self”. A lesson: we are all good at something, as long as we find the right way for us. Hurray! Happy Ending. This book also inspired this week’s craft project! So come back on Wednesday! 

Something Else (Picture Puffin) Something Else, by Kathryn Cave & Chris Riddell. I liked the title of this book, that is why I bought. And this book really is something else! It is about a little thing, well, that is something else and that doesn’t quite fit in. It isn’t very happy about this until one day…. Lovely drawings and a lovely little story. Red Ted and I love it! 

The Story of Ferdinand (Picture Puffin) Fernando, the Bull, by Munro Leaf. A wonderful children’s classic! This has been made into various cartoons and has been reproduced many times. Sometimes easily available and sometimes not. Not sure why! This is one of my childhood classics so a must for our library. It is the story of Fernando, the gentle bull. Rather than fighting like the others he loves sniffing flowers and sitting under trees. Until one day… the bullfighter people come and select him for the bull ring. Oh dear. What will happen?! Fernando remains different and the story does find a happy end!


9 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for sharing your link on Book Sharing Monday!


  2. This is one of BG’s favourite books, we read it before bed time.


  3. The first two look like great books about being yourself. And the third, well–it’s a classic!

    Thanks for linking up to Read Aloud Thursday!


  4. The giraffe book looks great. It looks like something my son would love. Thanks for linking up.


  5. Love this “theme” idea! And I have a book to add to yours … Stand Tall Molly Lou Melo – I love the illustrations and I love that this adorable little girl teachers a bully about the importance of being yourself 🙂


    • Posted by Red Ted Art on May 29, 2010 at 8:38 am

      Oh yes, that sounds familiar!! Definitely a good one… will have to check it out at the library!! Many thanks!


  6. Ferninand the Bull is wonderful, but we’ve never read the first two – thanks for the recommendations!


  7. I love Ferdinand! The other two look cute. I’ve almost picked up Giraffe’s Can’t Dance a couple of times.


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