Books x3 – At the Airport

Well… I seem to be slipping into “theme” world. Nothing wrong with that… Today’s theme is Airports! Airport books can be GREAT if you are going on a long journey or to, erm, the airport for the first time. It is also great when you try and explain to a 2 year old why Daddy is stuck in Stockholm!

If you are a keen follower of my Crafts, you will have seen my first book choice already. But please do check the other two out too! I like these three as they address slightly (!) different age groups!

All these books are available on my Amazon store – the (small) proceeds I receive will go towards prizes and charity! Do check it out!

Busy Books: Busy Airport (Busy Books S.) Busy Airport, by Rebecca Finn is a lovely sturdy (!) board book looking at what happens at the airport – planes in the sky, luggage on the conveyor belts, people waving hello and goodbye, planes taking off! In other words: lots. What is particularly nice about this board book, that it has lots of moving things that little toddler hands can actually manage themselves – things don’t get stuck or ripped off. Actually very well made for a little one (though not 100% toddler proof, as we found out one day when he was allowed to take it into bed). Red Ted likes this one a lot!  


Flip Flap Airport (Hide and Seek)Flip Flap Airport (Hide and Seek), by Rob Lloyd Jones. Red Ted was given this book on his 2nd Birthday, by a very savvy friend: she is great at picking out toys and books at all age groups (having a 5yrs old and 2yrs old herself and loving giving gifts). At first glance, it is “just” another flap book. But the more you look the more you find. A little like the German Wimmelbuecher (erm, which are little like Where’s Wally). What made this book REALLY exciting, is that some flaps contain yet another flap within it! How exciting is that to a little 2 yrs old! Fabulous. Ingenious. We love. Red Ted currently wants to “read it every night” at bedtime. Going on a long journey – then hopefully this one will keep yours bundle of energy happy at least for a bit! The book is also structure nicely – ending with “the end of the day when everyone goes home” – perfect for saying “Night night!”.


Richard Scarry's a Day at the Airport (Random House Picturebacks) A Day at the Airport, Richard Scarry. To me, Richard Scarry is a “classic” from my childhood and we do have a couple of Scarry books dotted about, with more on my wishlist! Richard Scarry is definitely for the those a little older, so I expect it to last us a while. It tells us all about the different parts of the airport. Lots to look at and discuss! The typical Scarry characters(Rudolf von Flugel in his Bratwurst Balloon!) keeping us entertained throughout! Learning AND an adventure in one. What more can I say?!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for joining WMCIR! We love Usborne flap books here too – they are so beautifully done and high quality too! Interestingly we almost see the opposite with Scarry books – Anna loved them when she was under 3, and now she is not as interested. Well, now when I think about it, she is not as interested in transportation books, she still likes Pig Will and Pig Won’t a lot.


  2. Oh my 3 year old would love the first two… I agree, Scarry is a little advanced for now. I love a board book with movement! Never seen one! And B is in love with flap books!


  3. Traveling Mother’s Need your list! 🙂 What a great theme as we enter vacation season. So glad to have you join the Feed Me Books Friday Fun!


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