story +art = Great stART – Busy Airport – Clouds & Pigs (?!)

With everyone getting stuck all over the place, thanks to the Volcano in Iceland – including The Englishman, we have been looking at the sky alot – lots of blue skies and lovely fluffy clouds. Also, I had to explain to Red Ted that there were no planes flying… So out came a much loved “Busy Airport”.   

Busy Books: Busy Airport (Busy Books S.) Busy Airport, by Rebecca Finn is a lovely sturdy (!) board book looking at what happens at the airport – planes in the sky, luggage on the conveyor belts, people waving hello and goodbye, planes taking off! In other words: lots. What is particularly nice about this board book, that it has lots of moving things that little toddler hands can actually manage themselves – things don’t get stuck or ripped off. Actually very well made for a little one (though not 100% toddler proof, as we found out one day when he was allowed to take it into bed). Red Ted likes this one a lot!    

1) "Reviewing book" & Materials 1

When I told Red Ted we were doing some more painting, he immediately started shoutig “Book book”. Bless. He is really “getting” our new projects. He eagery poured over the book! Inspired by a friend of mine, who claims (!) to be not very arty, we kept this project very simple indeed – why not make some clouds in the sky with a few planes?   

Materials: Blue piece of a paper, white paint, cotton wool & a peg (the peg helps a little with keeping hands clean(er)).   

Materials 2: different coloured paper or card (I used some scrap ring binder deviders) to cut out planes. Some pens. Scissors.   

The PLAN was to make some clouds. Let them dry and then cut out some planes for Red Ted to decorate and stick on…. You will see, that the clouds were painted enthusiastically. However, suddenly there were shouts of “Pig Pig Pig”. And the cloud painting rapidly turned into pig painting… well, this IS Red Ted’s art project, so pigs it is.   

2) Get Stuck Right In

We made the clouds & pigs with paint, cotton wool and pegs – the pegs do help contain some of the mess. Once dried, I helped him with the pig outlines (which he then drew on some more) and cut out some planes for him. Which, erm, I then had to finished, as the pigs were far more interesting. All now hang from our new Art Washing line, using the lovely animal pegs we made here.   


4) Materials Part 2

stART: Bedtime Star – Red Ted, makes a starry night for Pip Squeak’s nursery   

stART: The Way Back Home, Oliver Jeffers – Red Ted makes a plane and a UFO   

Craft: Peg animals – toddlers can help!   


5) Finished! (erm what happened to the clouds?!)

red ted

16 responses to this post.

  1. Is that a flying pig? My son would love to try making his own clouds and gluing on those planes.


  2. Well, “when pigs fly” and all that. 🙂 Thanks for the book recommendation. We’ve destroyed most of our books with moveable parts. I’ll have to try this one.


  3. Posted by JDaniel4's MOm on May 6, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    What a great idea! The book looks wonderful.


  4. I saw that the other day! They are so lovely! Well done and thanks for sharing!


  5. Great idea. I like that he painted with a cottonball attached to a clothespin.


  6. You’re very good with your outlines! I love – LOVE – that the clouds turned into pigs – too cute 🙂


  7. What a fun project! 🙂


  8. These look great, what a great way to incorporate what is going on in the news. We love painting with cotton balls attached to clothes pins too, it works so well :0)

    Thank you for linking up to stART!!


  9. Red Ted is such a clever artist! great to see them at this age exploring the crafty world


    • Posted by Red Ted Art on May 9, 2010 at 1:12 pm

      It is amazing to see how much he enjoys it. When I say we are doing painting he shouts “Oh jeaaaaaaaah” (a combination between the English “Yes” and the German “Ja”) and he will willingly put his apron on!!! 😉


  10. So creative – I love how you helped him turn the project into what he wanted rather than insisting on what you wanted. I am still trying to get better at letting my daughter take a lead.


    • Posted by Red Ted Art on May 11, 2010 at 6:13 pm

      believe you me, I find it VERY hard to hold back (as you will see in next week’s post). What I sometimes do, is half and half – we “do what I had in mind” and he gets to do what he wants to too. I think it works for us, as he gets excited when he sees both finished prodcuts – i.e. sees what he can achieve with a little help but also on his own. Once he is that bit older I will REALLY have to hold back!!! xxx


  11. […] stART: Busy Airport – Cotton Wool Clouds and, erm, PIGS! […]


  12. […] stART: Busy Airport – Cotton Wool Clouds and, erm, PIGS!  […]


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