Books x3 – Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler is another one of our favourites. (We have many favourites by the looks of it!).

Here are three of their books:

The Gruffalo The Gruffalo – Now I know that this is the “Obvious one”, but there is no way you can do a review of said author and illustrator, without the Gruffalo. Most families are already very familiar with it. It is the tale of a small mouse that outwits its fiends, by inventing the imaginary Gruffalo, but is it really imaginary…?!?!? Read it and find out! MAY (!) be a little scary for wee ones! Has also been made it a theatre production, so it MUST be good! 😉

Tales of Acorn Wood:Postman Bear(PB: A lift-the-flap book (Tales from Acorn Wood) From Acorn Wood: Postman Bear: A lift-the-flap book. Julia for the Litte Ones! We actually have this book in German (they managed a marvelous translations!). We love it, as there Red Ted loves the flaps and the baking of cakes. And I love it, as it has a little counting in it too. And at the end there is a PARTY! Red Ted LOVES PARTIES! So I nice little book all round!

Finally, and it was hard to choose, we have Stick Man

Stick Man Stick Man. I choose Stick Man from ALL those other wonderful books, as it is a little bit different – it is probably also for slightly older children (Red Ted is only JUST getting into it and he is 2…. but I tink in a year or two he will LOVE it). I like it, as – the story is a bit longer, so a better “bedtime read”, it displays all the “innovative uses” for a stick (and not stick man!!!) and it is all done in a nice rhyme (which is very Julia Donaldson). Great!

I asked friends what other Donaldson/ Scheffler books they would include… and the list was long… so in order to let you choose, here are some more (we haven’t read these yet, so cannot give you a review):

– Room on the broom

– The Snail and the Whale

– A Squash and a Squeeze

– Tiddler: The Storytelling Fish

– Monkey Puzzle


5 responses to this post.

  1. We have two of their books as jigsaw books. They are great, my just 3 year old can just about do the 12 piece jigsaw and gets so much play out of both story and jigsaw – and they too exist in English and German! We have the Gruffalo’s Child and The Snail and the Whale as jigsaw books, but others are available too.


    • Posted by Red Ted Art on April 26, 2010 at 8:40 am

      oooh! Now there’s an idea!!! I have seen the jigsaw books before (we have a farm one), but didn’t know you could get the Gruffalo as one… Fab! Will have to investigate and add to our ever growing wishlist!!!! x


  2. My little one has really taken to The Stick Man in the last few days. I am surprised. But she picks 2 books to read every night at bedtime and she has started picking this one saying “Stick Man” – I guess it’s cos it has a repetitive bit on every page. She’s 21 months


  3. My kids sadly are now too old for picture book bedtime stories but we still have all of Julia Donaldson’s books on the bookshelf because we (I) can’t bear to part with them. I love her clever rhyming stories and Axel Scheffler’s illustrations are the perfect accompaniment. I think The Gruffalo and The Snail and the Whale are our 2 all-time faves. Enjoy them all…precious times 😉


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