Books – For the little ones

I have no real definition of who “the little ones” are, but we started reading to our two from the word go!! So I guess these books can be for anybody – especially those sub 6 months!! (But they have appeal beyond that too!)

My Big Animal Book (Priddy Bicknell Big Ideas for Little People)My big animal book, by Roger Priddy. We inherited this book from a friend. You could already see that the book was well loved! I didn’t think too much of it.. until, Red Ted couldn’t keep his hands off it! He loved it. He loves it. Pip Squeak loves it. I guess all young children adore animals (especially cute fluffy ones) and bright colours. Big images. Sweet. Definitely one for the little ones…

Available here.

Bedtime Star ("Baby Bright")Bedtime Star (Baby Bright) Rag Book – This was a new baby gift that we received for Red Ted. It has been used intensely – it was read to Red Ted as his first regular bedtime read (it has squeaky, jingly and crinkly bits). Fabulous. For a related craft project look at Red Ted making a star sky for Pip Squeak. 

Available here.

That's Not My Puppy (Usborne Touchy Feely Books) The “That’s not my ..” range, Fiona Watts. This is a gorgeously addictive touchy feely range. We have a total of four of these books (Monster, Puppy, Reindeer & Penguin) and I have to restrain myself from buying more!! I guess the main value of these is it’s simplistic images with great textures. Red Ted enjoyed these from about 6 months onwards. And now likes to “browse” through them by himself. The monster one has particularly good textures! Pip Squeak (5 months) adores the Puppy one – on two of the pages she can really “grab” the fur and give it a good tug!!

Available here.


3 responses to this post.

  1. We have That’s not my Tractor & That’s not my Monkey. I love the Monkey one!

    I have subscribed to your blog again through my google reader. Hope I show up now!


    • Posted by Red Ted Art on April 19, 2010 at 7:20 pm

      Oh yes, those are great too – have given them as presents!!! Mmmh, funny re subscriptions, will have to take a look at google reader, maybe I can find “people” that way. Thanks!! x


  2. My 20 month old LOVES the My Big Animal Book….and secretly I do too.
    Love the blog! Cute stuff.


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