Books x3 – Who’s Hiding, The Three Robbers & Magic

Who's Hiding?Who’s Hiding, by Satoru Onishi. Always on the look out for something new, different and unusual. Came across Who’s Hiding and love the quirky illustrations. In some ways this is a little bit of a “memory” game, as animals “hide” on different pages – though there are clues. It encourages children to explore and recognise distinctive features. Red Ted loves just look at the pictures for ages!

Available here.

The Three RobbersI have so many books to share, that here is another one. The Three Robbers by Tomi Ungerer. I (!) LOVE this book. It is a book that I associate with my childhood and my school library. I am SURE that that is where I used to read it. It is a lovely little story about an orphaned little girl, that gets “robbed” by highway robbers. They take her home and take care of her and things soon change at the robbers cave… Very sweet. I had this in German. So take your pick which language to buy it in!!

Available here.

Mini jungle A Mini Magic Colour Book – Jungle Animals, Louise Sladen & Luana Rinaldo. This book is soooo cute. It is MAGIC and it even has the adults puzzled. Pull the tab and the lion “magically” gets coloured in… oooh. We like. Red Ted likes. All my friends like. Have bought a couple of these as gifts, as they are so cute and not dear at all. Nicely written too – encouraging repetition and talking about colours. I would def get one! (I had a small stock of them, that I gave away as little presents.. they are all gone now. Need more!)

Available here.


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