If you feel you have too much to do, do more

The Childrens Trust

“If you feel you have too much to do, do more.” Erm, old Chinese Proverb. Acutally, I just made it up. But I am sure that there is a logic in there somewhere. Charity sucker that I am, I have just found myself another wonderful project to support. It is for a wonderful and important charity – The Children’s Trust Tadworth http://www.thechildrenstrust.org.uk/.

How did this come about? well, for those of you that think online networking does not work, it does: I was twittering away innocently, when I saw a request for marathon sponsorship from one of the Children’s Trust employees. Having run a marathon myself and know how important it is to have people support you, I thought I’d be that “stranger” that donated a mere £2 (that is all she was asking for!) – how could I say no? Afterall, it is a real buzz when a stranger comes to your aid?! 😉

Next thing I know we are twittering away about Red Ted Art and an urgently needed mural at the Tadworth hospital. Again, how could I say no?!

It is early days yet and we are only discussing ideas, but watcht this space to see where it leads us! 😉


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