Dr Seuss – Happy Birthday!

Dr. Seuss Lift-the-Flap Pocket Library (Dr Seuss 50th Birthday Edition)I Can Rhyme! (Dr Seuss)I was going to do this review a while ago and never got round to it. But as it is (supposedly) Dr Seuss birthday, I really must get on with it and do it today! So. Dr Seuss. A classic. Have to say, The Cat in The Hat is still a little advanced for Red Ted (though we do read it), but if you want a little Dr Seuss in your life, than the Pocket Library and the I Can Rhyme book a both fabulous – bright colours, silly rhymes and “typical” Dr Seuss drawings. Lovely. Red Ted particularly likes the library, as it is a nice size to hold and he can tidy them up! If you do get both, you will find there is a little bit of an overlap, but that is good – toddlers like familiar things! For the parents – lots of words, colours, counting etc etc. A must have! 😉

For more book reviews (incl. baby books) https://redtedart.wordpress.com/books/


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