Less stuck…


Blue Green Swirls

.. oh, bad bad me – forgot to mention that my very good friend Dieuwke Swain is helping me organise the Big Draw – take a look at her fabulous artwork her – http://dieuwkeswaindesigns.wordpress.com/acrylic-artwork/gallery/

Even “badder” of me, as Dieuwke just emailed me a list of fabulous ideas for the Big Draw event! Can’t wait! AND she will be coming ALL the way from Holland to help organise the final days and obviously be there on the day itself. Do check out her stuff and DO come in Oct and see our mini exhibition… 😉

Another reason I am less stuck, is that I had some follow up appointments with Pip Squeak in hospital – one involved sitting in the dark cuddling my gorgeous baby girl to sleep for a good 2 hours – plenty of time to think and at least work out ONE idea that I have trying to figure out. Woo hoo. Monsters’ Tea Party, here we come.

Oh and I got some more feedback on book idea and maybe original drawings are ok afterall.

Still. I have lots to do. And lots to figure out. But I feel like I know a little bit more now! 🙂


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