Bit stuck…

 … having had my flurry of activity, I am now a bit stuck. I feel like I have time “to do” but not time “to think”! “Doing” is easy… you can squeeze in 5min here and 10min there. But “thinking”… well, thinking needs lots of time and not just a moment here or there. Could do with a whole day of just sitting there and brainstorming stuff… these are the thinking issues:

The Book

Impatient me, wants to get the book done ASAP, but having asked some friends for feedback on a “basic” layout, I am beginning to think that I need to give it a little bit more thought – as needless to say I do not want to miss a trick. I thought that the “bilingual” element would be enough to make the book interesting and that I could keep the rest simple. But, no, “people” want the whole lot 😉 fair enough! It does mean that the drawings have to refect the content and it then goes against my “simple” style. Which means redrawing and rethinking the whole lot. Am wondering whether to do it all on the PC, rather than paint. that would give me more freedom for alterations. But it would move away from the paintings and I would have to learn to do this stuff on the computer. I rather liked the idea of using the paintings. But I do need to learn how to use the computer too (see colour book post) Decisions. Decisions.

Ho hum.

Meanwhile…  The Big Draw

the nursery and I are going ahead with the Big Draw event! Woo hoo. Am now in the process in roping in some helpers (let me know if you are interested! No artistic skills required!!). We will prob hold it on the 16th or 23rd Oct. But haven’t finalised that yet. Now, the big thinking issue here, is the need to plan the day itself and look at funding! Hopefully we will get a lot of materials through the Squirrels Scarp Scheme ( The nursery is looking into that! But I also want to enter the event into the Big Draw’s competition, for that we have to come up with some great arty and community ideas. Must get thinking….


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