Must dash…

 Gosh. Where does the time go? I can’t believe it is almost 2 weeks ago, that I last posted something. Naughty me. Even naughtier me, as I am supposed to go upstairs and wake Pip Squeak now for a feed. Will do so in just a few minutes. Let’s hastily up date you…

So, why no posts? Well, I have been busy posting stuff on  – all about Red Ted’s potty training, as well as being bilingual. I have been twittering ( and I have been e-networking – meeting other lovely and inspiring business mums online, through places such as  and and of course lots of lovely other people out there with great ideas and keeping busy busy busy. I have also written a couple of short articles on “Two children” and “Being bilingual” for – don’t know yet if they will be used, but it was fun writing it anyway. Whilst also donating a Duck Painting and 20 greeting cards to some competitions and focus groups that LondonMums is running. So, I have been busy, honest!

Oh, I am also working on my book project – need 26 new paintings (and I think 20 of those will be from scratch), so lots of drawing to do at the mo (v happy with an Orangutan and a Chameleon I drew… less happy with the Impala (those legs are hard!)). But want to get a move on, as want the book done in time for Xmas orders (I will self publish on – that in itsef will take me ages to work out how!).

Also looking at different software to convert my drawing into “perfect” images for colouring books etc. Whilst also talking to Red Ted’s nursery about possibly hosting a Big Draw event (

Right. Must dash.  Feed Pip Squeak, before Red Ted wakes for a potty. Will check for typos later…


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  1. Posted by judi gadsby on January 28, 2010 at 8:29 am

    How on earth do you fit all this in? Do you sleep at night?


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