So.. a year is coming to an end. And with that the end of my “first year” of Red Ted Art! And what a year it has been. The highlight being the arrival of Pip Squeak.. And Red Ted turning into a wonderful little boy. Sorry, but how can any Red Ted Art activity trump that?!?! (enough gooey stuff now).

So how has Q4 been?

As mentioned, I did “front load” all my work into Q3. So Q4, has been pretty quiet.

  • Paintings: I did have, what I consider, a last minute order for 11 paintings (3 sets) end of Oct, which kept me busy, as I wanted the these done pre Pip Squeaks arrival (hence “last minute”). And they were done, just in time.
  • Christmas Cards: The rest of the month, was kept busy with Christmas cards – both our “personal” cards  as well as the ones for sale.
  • Colouring Booklet: After talking about it all year and wanting to create “neat” drawings first, I decided to bite the bullet, sod the “neat drawings” and create a small Colouring Booklet for Red Ted this Christmas – it is by no means professional, but I am very pleased with it and it will most definitely be the front runner to anything professional I do produce one day! Take a look – https://redtedart.wordpress.com/2009/12/21/colouring-books-for-christmas/
  • Blogging: I started a new blog with a couple of mummy friends on being parents and trying to be green http://thegoodlifebloggers.wordpress.com/ – my motivation being my views on “landfill” nappies.. though I haven’t manage to talk about those that much, but ramble on about iPhone Apps for kids, Potty Training & Red Shoes instead…
  • Twitter: I have also started to twitter re Red Ted’s potty training: http://www.twitter.com/redtedart  – do take a look!!!!!
  • Stats:
    1. Total blog views 3560.
    2. Total flickr views 1650.
    3. Paintings with most views – Baby Dinosaur http://www.flickr.com/photos/68327876@N00/3170333720/ , closely followed by Emily’s Hippo http://www.flickr.com/photos/68327876@N00/3820185456/ (yet this as only posted ½ way through the year, so pro rata, this would be the most viewed item!)

I know it is early, but Valentines is in the air – with New Cards going online (www.redtedart.com. Folksy & Dawanda), as well as into the shops – do take a look https://redtedart.wordpress.com/2009/12/29/new-cards-i-know-i-know-xmas-is-barely-over-and-already-valentines/ – remember that these can be customised, no problem!!!

All that… a new baby and a toddler being toilet trained! Not surprisingly, the toilet training is progressing only slowly, as “mummy attempts some serious multitasking”! But, you know me, I like to be busy!

Soooo. All the best to you and your family for 2010!! Watch this space for more RED TED ART!


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