New Cards (I know, I know.. Xmas is barely over and already… Valentines)

Single Heart

Bouquet Of Hearts

3 Hearts

I know, I know… Valentine cards ALREADY? Christmas isn’t officially over yet, but the card market works on a different cycle (i.e. shops are stocking up now on the next batch of seasonal cards). So here I am, part of the process… last year, many of you bought my 3 heart card (also great for weddings and engagements). Now we have a simple single heart on red or cream. Or a “bouquet” of hearts on red or cream. Hope you like! I can add any words:

“With Love”, “Love”, “Valentine”, “Be mine”, “I love you”…. just let me know!

I think the bouquet could easily be given to another loved one – mother or grandmother etc. Whilst the single heart would also work well as an engagement card (I can add “Congratulations” for you) or as a wedding card. The opportunities are many!!

(PS the other reason that I have had a go at this, is that I have been “Thinking” up card designs on all those long evenings with Pip Squeak when she wasn’t sleeping and have been DYING to get going. Today, miraculously, Pip Squeak slept at lunchtime for 2 hours AND settled for the evening at 7:30pm – result!!!)


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