Boiled Potatoes

 Look and Cook: A Beginning Cookbook for ChildrenRed Ted boiled his first potato yesterday and then ate it! Yay… well, he got a potato out and put in a pot. The Englishman did the rest! Still… it is a start. Have ordered the attached book for Christmas (Look & Cook, we got some ££ to spend on him from relatives). He may still be a little young, but you never know when those creative cooking genes kick in. So am very excited to see what the book is like… will keep you posted! I am v keen for Red Ted (and Pip Squeak) to learn how to cook and that when he is a little older that they are able to cook the family simple meals. Currently, Red Ted helps with making tea (puts tea bags into the cup) and stirs when I am baking (he loves eggs… but he isn’t allowed to handle one yet – hold yes, but then has to give it back).


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