Colouring Books for Christmas!

Colouring Booklets

1st Page

Ok… “Professional” these are not… but hopefully “fun” they are!! I made a super duper quick batch of colouring booklets. Decided that Red Ted should get one for Christmas (plus some crayons) as a “special effort” present. So made these this afternoon, whilst cradling Pip Squeak in one arm and helping The Englishman with keeping an eye on Red Ted’s potty training (we both missed a pooh – read more on – so I obviously didn’t succeed at multitasking).

Am v pleased with the result (ok, so some ink is smudged and my pages are not perfectly aligned, nor are they cut properly), it is start towards “proper” colouring books that I am REALLY keen to make!
PS They are made from “reused” paper – leftovers from office stationary that was being thrown out! How’s that for being green!?

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  1. […] Colouring Booklet: After talking about it all year and wanting to create “neat” drawings first, I decided to bite the bullet, sod the “neat drawings” and create a small Colouring Booklet for Red Ted this Christmas – it is by no means professional, but I am very pleased with it and it will most definitely be the front runner to anything professional I do produce one day! Take a look – […]


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