More Christmasiness – Vanille Kipferl

Austrian Cookies

Mmmh, you know that Christmas is in the air in our house when I start the Christmas Cookie baking. This year a little late, due to the arrival of Pip Squeak, but non the less, achieved (finally!).

Our favourite are “Vanille Kipferl”, here’s a recipe:

280g Plain Flour

210g Butter (unsalted)

100g ground almonds

70g Icing Sugar

Pinch of salt

To roll in after baking: 150g Icing Sugar, 2 Packets of Vanilla Sugar

Crumble flour, butter and salt together. Add almonds and sugar and knead into a dough. Form “Kipferl” (crescents).

Bake in oven (140C – 160C) until light brown.

Roll in Icing/Vanilla Sugar whilst still hot. Cool on rack.



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