16 days to go… and 11 new paintings to paint!





Penguins Trio 3


Arrrrrgggh! How did that happen!?! The new baby is due in 16 days (as if you didn’t know, as if I haven’t gone on about it often enough!!) and I have just had an order in for 11 new paintings!!! Caramba! Well, that is why I “front loaded” all my work. And to be honest, the customers are my brother and sister-in-law (and nephew). So there is some leeway… and they are all sets – which means “economies of scale”. 4 cupcakes, 4 ducks and 3 penguins will be winging their way to Austria soon (ish). Hurrah! (Final paintings will have  a different colour scheme to the ones displayed…).

If baby decides to stay put until its due date, I should be able to complete the cupcakes and the ducks in time. The penguins which are for my nephew will wait (my nephew is 7 weeks old, I think he is ok with that!!).


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