Cord Blood…

…ok, I think it is slowly becoming obvious, that I have less “Art” and more “Baby” on the mind at the mo. With officially 18 days to go, I can probably be excused. Here is a pet subject of mine (along with Waste Reduction and Real Nappies) – blood donation. As a pregnant lady, I have not been allowed to donate blood for the last 8 months. Before that I wasn’t allowed to donate for about 18 months (9 months pregnancy, plus 9 months recovery of body). I was “gutted”. Sounds weird, I know, why give away your blood – but you know, it is such a simple thing and it does SUCH good, that as far as I am concerned it is a no brainer. A friend of mine recently lost 5 litres of blood in childbirth. Without blood donors, she would have died. Simple as that. That seems a good enough reason to me… anyway, I digress.

The thing I want to go on about this time, is Cord Blood donation – from what I gather it is as valuable as being a Bone Marrow donor and yet it carries no risks, discomforts or time off for you. Something that is usually thrown away (!) is saved and can save lives… it makes up for not being able to donate blood for 18 months. If you are expecting – talk to your midwife or look here for more info: This is SUCH a no brainer, you really cannot not take part. Save a life, by signing a piece of paper!

M x


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