The Big Draw…

The Big Draw

The Big Draw

Don’t forget! It is the “Big Draw” this month – – and it’s the big draw’s 10th anniversary at that… so get all your little ones involved and Arty Farty. (Wimbledon has it’s own event on Sat 10 Oct – Also, for this monthly only, if you contact me, I will send you a black and white pdf of one of your favourite paintings for your little ones to colour in themselves. Any paintings order during Big Draw Month (Oct 09), will receive some crayons and some print outs for colouring in!

Get drawing!

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  1. […] Also looking at different software to convert my drawing into “perfect” images for colouring books etc. Whist also talking to Red Ted’s nursery about possibly hosting a Big Draw event ( […]


  2. […] Leave a Comment  As many of you already know, I am planning a “Big Draw Event” ( with a great artist friend of mine […]


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