Ups and downs…

Pop Art Duck

Pop Art Duck

Well.. I usually only report on the bright side of life. But I know, that some of you are interested in my approach to launching “this business in general”! Well and it does come with it’s ups and downs. It set backs and it’s knock backs! These of course are hugely outweighed by all the positive things going on.

So, what have the set backs, knock backs and downs been..? none have been truly bad (else, I wouldn’t be doing this, now would I?), but they include things like – one shop “wasting” my time to come in and show them my wares, when all they were interested in was “nicking ideas” (they made some of their own cards); another being a cafe forgetting to inform me that they actually sold one of the paintings (I only found out after I went to collect the paintings for rotation), and then it taking another 2 months to sort out the payment for it (I still havent had the payment, but I expect it to come through soon, I am sure there is no ill intend ;-)), paintings falling off walls in cafes (luckily they didn’t really get damaged) or paintings and cards getting covered in some funny soot from the marquee a the village fair (which thankfully wiped off reasonably well). Then of course, there are my own mishaps – of actually piercing a hole in one of Ted paintings (I balanced it stupidly on a table at one of my meetings) and messing up the odd canvas or two…

But these are all part and parcel of starting out new and learning, no? And so far, I have hugely happy with progress.

Now enough all that, I have another Greeting Card order to fulfil…


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