Red Ted’s on Holiday (well, not really)

Well is it a holiday now or isn’t it? It is and it isn’t – it is in the sense, that  I have had a very very busy few weeks, followed by what feels like aprupt departure to my father’s, doing not very much at all all day. So that then makes my father’s a holiday. Surely? i.e. not doing much for Red Ted Art at the moment, save for a bit here and there…

So why the abrupt departure – The builders are in, helping us “nest” for the new arrival come November – i.e. we are putting a “nursery back in” that the previous owners “took out”, as well as splashing out on the luxury of a (not so luxurious, but tiny weeny) downstairs loo (I am thinking, Potty Training is only round the corner with Red Ted). The worst of the work is done and we are back!

And what have I achieved in the meantime? Well some R&R is always good. And change of scenery too. 2 new novels read. And Red Ted has loved the sandpit at Opapa’s (we are Austrian, and in Austria grandfather of course is Opapa), as well as the novelty of two new local playgrounds.

Have been working on some Chirstmas Card designs (need to be organised, coz come Nov I will not be doing anything, believe you me) and may have a running, grinning moose in the pipeline… watch this space. The Tiger and The Jumbo are hanging up in Red Ted’s nursery and the Dundonald Flower shop are trialling my cards. Also, the Netmums competition comes to a close tonight, so will soon find out who the lucky new owner of the penguin is! So I guess some progess has been made afterall…


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