Emily’s Hippo has gone home!

Hippo Drawing

Hippo Drawing

Emily's Hippo
Emily’s Hippo

Hello! This is Emily’s finished Hippo… and it is either running along happily or having a little underwater swim! That is the beauty of this lovely background colour that her mum chose! This Hippo will be joining Emily on her 1st Birthday! Hurrah! I do hope that they will be great friends! I have also posted the original drawing, as I just wanted to show again, that you can have what you want! Emily’s mum decided to have a different tail and a different eyes – don’t they look great?! – and she got them!

Hope you enjoy the hippo too!
In the meantime, the builders are in building. We are putting a nursery “back” and installing a downstairs loo – which will come very handy for potty training I am sure! Can’t wait for all the mess and noise to be finished…
Have a lovely weekend!

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