Yummy Savoury Muffins…

In my quest to develop a range of yummy and healthy(ish) recipes that Red Ted will surely reflect on fondly as key to his childhood (yeah, right… I can already hear a “mummy, why can’t we have shop bought stuff at my party?!”), as well as need to use a mini surplus of courgettes from the garden (there is a HUGE courgette that I MUST photograph), a friend of mine sent me this VERY tasty muffin recipe – Courgette, Carrot and Cheese. I can’t believe I was actually baking at 9am this morning? Where did that come from? When did I become a mum..? But the result, even if I say so my self, is scrumptious and makes for a great treat for Red Ted once back from Friday nursery…

I also finished the Tiger that will go and grace the wall of Red Ted’s nursery – hopefully he will see it there and it will make him smile just as at home! (Today, on seeing it, he attempted a mini roar as well as touching it’s nose, then his… Red Ted loves touching noses… don’t ask me why). So the Tiger from “Watch these guys become paintings” is now said painting! Hurrah.
Now onto Emily’s Hippo! The colours have (almost) been decided so work can begin!

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