Make way for the London Bus & London Taxi

London Bus

London Bus

London Taxi

London Taxi

Karl’s Bus and Taxi are finally finished – we were waiting the final decision on Number Plates and “Destination”… Mum and Dad decided that they should reflect Karl’s Birthday and Departure! Very personalised indeed! Hurrah!!

Hope Karl enjoys these as much as I do!
What else is new? Well, the chicken is broody again, I can’t believe, she only laid eggs again for about 3 weeks… and now she is sitting on the nest again. What will I do about her?!
Make a wee attempt at getting the cards back into the shops – though have been a little lazy on that front. Let’s see what happens.
Red Ted has dropped his morning nap. Shame! Though he is 18 months old and I think I have been rather lucky with tha extra hour off a day! So I shouldn’t complain.
Haven’t got anywhere with my “Mystery Project”, as have been so busy painting… sigh. Will start on it soon!!!

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