Triceratops is here.

triceratopsTriceratops is here! And I have finally learnt how to spell Triceratops… I have a feeling by the time all this is “over”, I will know many more wonderful creatures names!

I am currently working on an order for a Giraffe and  a Lion – they will look fabulous on the dark green background chosen for them. Can’t wait for them to be completed. After that… I will concentrate on the other “new characters” shown earlier this week – the penguin (I have a beautiful shiny black/ blue for it) and the tiger! Rooooaaarrr.

Interestingly enough the hot weather is proving to be a wee bit of an “artist’s pain” – I can only paint in the evenings at the moment, as the paint dries too quickly other wise and then doesn’t look as smooth as I would like it too! Who would have thought?! Tsk tsk. Then of course it gets dark (or I need to go to bed…)…

Anyway, this lovely little guy, will find a wonderful new home (I hope!) come October, when we are running a competition with London Mums! I am just being super organised and getting ready, as come autumn, I will be getting busy preparing for arrival Nr 2 (or maybe I just won’t feel like painting??)… He is going to into storage now, to make sure he stays all lovely!


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