Once upon a time…

… I went to my first storytime in AGES this week – when Red Ted was only a few months old, I was very keen and went along to one, but soon realised that indeed keen I was and that Red Ted was still too small. So left it until now until one my fellow mums invited me along to the storytime she goes to regularly. It was in fact being held by the bookstore that stocks my cards, so was keen to go as a mum. Storytime was lovely. So nicely read and interspersed with rhymes and little songs with a small gift of a paper tiger face on a straw. Perfect. What made it even more prefect, was that the owner spotted me and ordered some more cards at the end of it all! How lovely and how very perfect indeed.

I have also had my first couple of orders in since the village fair, so will be busy with those, as well as the NSPCC donation and London Mums competition. Nice to have projects for the next few weeks.

The rest of the week has been spent catching up with other mums. Now I need to get down to doing some work again! Giraffes, Lions, Teddies and Dinosaurs, here I come!

(PS I also appeared in Pulse a weekly edition in the South London Press about a month ago… for those of you who missed my press debut – I have a pdf copy for your perusal)


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