Fared well…

Wimbledon Village Fair

Wimbledon Village Fair

… chortle chortle. What a rubbish pun. Ok, so the fair did fare well (enough). It was rather a busy fair and much much bigger than I had expected. Quite crowded. But great to be part of it all. I shared the stall with Nora with her “Little Ones” range (http://www.littleones-online.com/) which made for a fabulous combination of “baby items” (not that my items are just for babies… but you catch my drift). We had great feedback from passers by and lots of visits from friends and family. Considering I was there for 10 hours (8am – 6pm), the time flew by. So something must have been going ok. I was well and truly pooped by the end of it all though and very grateful for the Englishman’s taxi and porter service. Made it all much much easier.

If you came to see us on Saturday and liked what you saw, don’t forgot to drop us an email to find out more about current offers and latest paintings and products!! We would love to hear from you!

After ranting about “all these fairs I will be doing this summer” for the last weeks, this will in fact be my ONLY fair this year. I totally confused things with the other ones – for one of them, I am actually in Spain (ooops) and the other, I forgot to pay (double ooops and how very unprofessional).

Part of me is secretly quite happy about this, as I will only be “more” pregnant at the next fairs and would only be more tired at the end of it all. I am busy enough, that for now, I am happy not too attract too much extra work (for now!!!)….


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