We’ve just had a glorious week down in a National Trust Cottage in Devon. The weather was beautiful and the setting incredibly peaceful. Great to have a little family holiday. I think Red Ted had a fabulous time – all that extra attention from The Englishman, as well as new experiences on the beach, the Devon wild ponies, the “bamboo forest” and ponds. Fabulous age for keeping them amused with not very much!

Now we are back, it is time to get the garden in order (it went a little mad in the sunshine), the tomato plants are finally in the ground and the lettuces are coming along nicely. Can’t wait for our first garden salad.

I also need (as I have been going on about for ages), sort the summer fairs. As the paintings are a littl awkward to display on a table, I am opting for taking a long lots of little framed versions of the paintings. I really do hope that this doesn’t confuse the punters. I will have some large ones along as well (some teddies, cupcakes and a plane, should be a reasonable selection). Cards will also been offer, just need to decide how many to make. And I am just not getting to grips with “father’s day”. But as the fair is the day before Father’s Day, I really do feel I should have one such card…. mmmh.


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