Carried away…

… I almost feel like having a blog just about book reviews… I love talking about Red Ted’s lovely books. They are all such fun (when he doesnt tear them up… mmmh).

Have lots of housy things to do. And just organised some “real” nappies for a friend who is due to have her baby in less than two weeks – so need to get those over to her ASAP. Real Nappies are just so much better than the disposable ones – all thos yukky nappy mountains. I do hope I manage to cope with “two” lots of nappy laundries when number two arrives. What an incentives to potty train number one!

Enjoy the sun.

(PS my latest “idea” is to write/ create children’s books for the European market – the UK has such wonderful books and Germany/ Austria has hardly any that come close – they get lots of translations instead… Same goes for Eastern Europe and am such “research” Spain – in other words asking all my mummy friends… you got any ideas?)


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