.. the response to the new pages has been FABULOUS. I am so glad that some you of enjoy looking at the books and ideas section! Aren’t books great? Have also had some suggestions (re what to read) back, so can’t wait to get my hands on some more books… (not that we need anymore).

BTW, the Hen is still broody. I gave up with the shock treatment of buckets and ice packs – she is very cross with me (but then I am very cross with her… two weeks already, tse tse)! So now I just lock her out of the coup and am hopeful that it will all pass some day soon.

Am racking my brains re what Fathers’ Day design to make – have to say, this is an easy on.. the Easter Chicks were such a pleasure and somehow, I don’t thik I will be able to emulate that sort of success. Hey ho.

Have a lovely sunny weekend! And keep sending book and general tips!!

(PS The image has nothing to do with the post – but wouldn’t it be lovely to be there?!)


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