Broody Hen…

broody1… and that isn’t “just” me. One of the hens has decided to go broody AGAIN! She was broody last year and by the time I figured out what to do about 6 weeks had passed. I told her in a very stern voice that she owed me 42 eggs and that she musn’t do it again… and now look what happened! But this time, I am onto it! Ha! You can’t catch me out you naughty hen. She regularly gets bathed (or chucked) in a bucket of water and has ice packs placed in her nest (hope it doesn’t stop the other hen from laying) – the theory being – that they raise their body temperature to hatch the eggs and all the energy goes into heat rather than egg production. By lowering the temperature you are telling them not to sit on the nest… so. Let’s see how many eggs she owes us this time!

It has been a busy week (again), this time completed a mini interview and mini photoshoot (ooh aar) for the local paper “The Pulse”! Also had a good chat to the NSPCC as to how I and Red Ted Art can work with them in the future! Will be great to see what comes of it, as it is such a fantastic charity that needs lots and lots of support!


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