Gosh, I never thought I would procrastinate on my paintings. After all, I love making them! Especially as Red Ted watches me paint them and gets more and more excited at each step, as he sees the final image emerging. Since I completed the (four) new Teds – I have been procrastinating on completing the 2 remaining ones (they are in the same colours as two that have already been made – a Red Ted on a yellow background and Orange Ted on a green background). These are a “show set”, so the incentive to finish them (cafe walls, excited new little owners) is some what reduced… I will finish them today… honest.

With spring in the air and summer on the doorstep there are so many other distractions (I desperately need to re-pot my seedlings as well as sow some pumpkin seeds and may try some more courgette seeds… also I want more herbs, but they take SOOOO long to grow, am wondering whether I should cheat and buy some ready grown ones). So procrastination it is all the way!

Unlucky Red Ted gets his (very late) MMR today. Hope he doesn’t suffer too much (4 teeth have just broken in the last week, so this is a hefty month for him!).


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