Sunshine, good for us, bad for business…

… well not really bad for business, but bad in the sense that it is much nicer to be outdoors than sit inside making phone calls, chasing emails or low and behold making my greeting cards (ooops). Though I have almost finished Party Party\’s 2nd order, just need to \”bag\” them up and they are ready for delivery! Somehow I suspect that the lovely sunshine will not accompany me on the long walk up The Hill to make the delivery!

I have also started on not one, not two, not three, but SIX teddies… well, I need 3 for Coffee & Crayons and another 3 for my meeting with the NSPCC next week! So, although I am blaming the sunshine for inactivity, I have actually been reasonably active (Red Ted has finally started nursery – hurray, which most certainly helps! He seems to have settled in very well, btw, so at least I don\’t have to feel bad about that!).

I am also working on a new fathers\’ day card. Fathers are not that easy! Ba humbug. But like one or two of the ideas that are emerging. Would like the shops to buy some too, so guess, as always that is the real test!

So. Please sunshine, stay until tomorrow and make my walk up to Party Party (with Max in tow) a lovely one!


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