Coffee And Crayons

What a fabulous name for a cafe and what a fabulous place! Coffee and Crayons ( is a fantastic little coffee shop on Fulham Road, that doesn’t only serve up great coffee and food, but is probably one of the child friendliest cafes around. It even has a basement, where music and art classes regularly are held. Fulham mummies are very lucky indeed! But so am I… soon I will be “exhibiting” my cupcakes, as well as the “new Teds” at Coffee And Crayons. Just waiting for some more canvases to arrive and off we go. How fabulous indeed… Make sure you stop by for a visit!

Currently learning a little more about the “competition” out there. There are a fair few ladies creating similar sort of things. Luckily, our styles are all very different, so it is nice to see that lots of lovely Art is being created for the our little rascales. Interesting to see though.

My place at the Wimbledon Village Fair (June 20th) is confirmed… and I just need to post a cheque to secure the Barnes Fair stall. Hurray. I have already roped in friends to help out. All I need to do now, is to create some stock! Yikes. Will be v interesting to see how it goes.

Red Ted started at nursery – well, he official starts on Friday – but has been settling in all week. He seems to be enjoying it. But he doesn’t nap much whilst there, so I get a very tired little bear at the end of the session. Bless.


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