Well, well, well

Well, things are well. The sun is shining. The seedlings are sprouting (and I am beginning to transplant them) and I have more orders from the Village shops. This week I am also visiting “Coffee & Crayons” in Fulham. We will look at what we should hang on their walls, which will be lovely.

I have had a quiet few weeks. Maybe the excitment of Quarter 1, has worn me out and I just need a chill period and let my little seedlings (The Common Ground Cafe, my fliers, the Village shops, the Greeting cards , word of mouth etc etc) do the work for themselves…

I am on what appears to be the final proof read of my website. But I cannot bring myself to do it – a lethargy has taken over! But I will do it, and then I will have another wonderful tool working for me.

Red Ted starts at day in nursery soon (we are currently “settling him in”) – I think he will love all the different activities, toys and food not cooked by mum! I will enjoy, having a day for appointments, chores, rest and of course the odd mummy lunch!! Hurray.

Happy Sunshine Everyone.


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